Vitamix 6300 Review 2022 – Unbiased Review, Pros & Cons

Are you someone who likes trying out new smoothies every other day or spoiling themselves on the weekends with frozen desserts and soups? For performing all of these functions at home, a high-quality blender is needed. The Vitamix 6300 is an ideal blender with added technology and is considered the king of blenders in the market. It is an essential kitchen appliance for all the health-conscious folks as they can prepare drinks in a few minutes by using it.

The Vitamix 6300 blender maintains the company’s reputation and performs efficiently with a simple touch of a button. The functions and the versatile features are a big selling point for this blending machine. A detailed review along with some functions, advantages, and disadvantages are written below. This might help you decide whether it will fulfill all your blending requirements or not. Although, it is a great product that will not disappoint and meet all your expectations.

Vitamix 6300 Review


Vitamix 6300




  • The 6300 model by Vitamix has three pre-programmed settings.
  • It uses fewer raw materials as compared to the other juicing machines.
  • The tamper tool in the blender saves a lot of time and energy.
  • It is available in five colors and blends nicely with other appliances in the kitchen.
  • The blending operations require very little or no preparations beforehand.
  • It has the ability to self-bathe at high speed.
  • The blades break themselves protecting the motors if an un-blendable object is dropped.
  • Ideal for making drinks for a large number of people.


  • It is a tall blending machine having a height of 20 inches and does not fit into the kitchen cabinets.
  • The Vitamix 6300 lacks the safety feature and heats up when used constantly.
  • It is a noisy blender that makes people feel its presence while operating.


The Vitamix 6300 is not a discrete blender with a 64-ounce jar which is 20.5 inches tall. It has a classic design with a modern makeover and is available in five color options. Black, white, red, cream, and platinum colors can attract customers as they can blend in nicely with the kitchen’s interior. This can trample the hard ingredients effortlessly.

It has a big jar which is ideal for making drinks for more people in a single go, saving lots of time and energy. However, the Vitamix 6300 might not fit into the kitchen cabinet as a whole and needs to be disassembled. Like many other models manufactured by the company, the 6300 is a beginner-friendly machine with easy use and functions.

Powerful Motor

The Vitamix 6300 blender has the most rigid motor, making it stand out from other models. The two-horsepower C-series motor is capable of slicing and crushing anything tossed in the giant jar. Ice, vegetables, fruits, and even meat are blended effortlessly in this blending machine. It can prepare a delicious morning smoothie having perfect thickness and texture for health-conscious people.

Even if you own a coffee machine, the 6300 blenders by Vitamix can help you have that extra foam and frothiness on your coffees. It has blending operations for making hot food items as well. The high tornado-like speed produces air vapors, heat, and pressure, making these a good investment for the consumers.


The 6300 model by Vitamix does not require excessive cleaning manually and can bathe itself. It is not safe to clean the blades with bare hands as it will result in cuts or bruises. The big jar can be filled with water while it is fixed on the powerful motor. Add a few drops of any dishwashing liquid that is available in your kitchen.

Cover the jar with a lid and move the dial to the highest of the speeds. The pulse feature can be used for fast cleaning operations. In almost 30 seconds, the caked walls along with the blades get clean. These can now be washed with water. It is recommended to dry the jars with any clean cloth to not get murky over time. This can make the BPA-free plastic container look dull and cloudy.

Vitamix 6300 Review
Infographic: Vitamix 6300 Review

Saves Time and Energy

A tamper is present with the Vitamix 6300, saving time and energy. This tool helps you skip pre-blending preparations, especially when you are tired and not in the mood to cook. Raw materials or ingredients can be put into a giant plastic container. The tamper pushes them down from the hole on the lid. This results in the slicing of the ingredients into smaller pieces, encouraging the blending process.

Using this methodology, you get to taste the original flavor of the fruits and vegetables as no water is used during the tempering process. This saves a lot of time and energy and ensures the making of pure drinks without any mixing. Even the materials are used in less quantity as compared to the manual juicing operations.

Pre-programmed Settings

A great feature in the Vitamix 6300 is the pre-programming settings for making smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts. Making soups in a blender might sound a little strange, but the sheer heat generation by the blender makes this possible. A healthy soup for lunch can be prepared in a few minutes. This is a beneficial feature that allows hands-off blending.

Furthermore, hard ingredients are emulsified perfectly in this powerful blender. This can make smoothies, salsas, spreads, purees, and nut butter effortlessly. Even the most giant chunks of the ice are crushed to make your smoothies soft, silky, and foamy. These three pre-programmed settings save time and energy for the consumers as they used to function the blender previously manually.

Blade System

Blenders with sharp blades tend to lose function after some time. The Vitamix 6300 is equipped with a hammer mill blade system for giving the ultimate results. These blades do not operate because of the sharpness but prefer working on speed and power to sustain the integrity. The 3-inch stainless steel blade can quickly turn tough fruits and vegetables into silky smoothies without having any grains or fragments.

Furthermore, it has a built-in cut-off function that keeps the motor safe by sacrificing itself. If any un-blendable material drops into the jar, the blades will automatically break themselves. This saves the motor from wearing out. The broken blades can be replaced with new ones by the manufacturers. This feature is very uncommon amongst other blenders.

Speed Levels

Ten unique speed settings are present in the Vitamix 6300 blending machine. These different speed levels make the blender tackle more subtle jobs as well. The lower levels of the speed blend slowly and work perfectly fine for meal prepping the ingredients. Low-speed blending will take more time to achieve the right consistency. Everything that is tossed into the blender does not need to be pulverized.

While working at high levels of speed, the blender might heat up. It is imperative to give the machine a break until it cools down. A pulsation feature is also present that blends at high speeds with just a click. Moreover, the on and off button makes the blending operations convenient and fast.

Sound Level

As we all know, powerful blending machines make noise and make the consumers feel their presence even if you are not in the kitchen. The Vitamix blenders are not very quiet, and so is the 6300 model manufactured by the company. The noise level might decrease slightly when the machine is operating at the lowest speed.

However, a rubber mat can minimize the vibrations and sound when placed under the solid motor base. This provides stability to the blender even when it is crushing hard materials like ice or raw vegetables. Hence is a great kitchen appliance that produces irritating noise but is very much effective.


Is the Vitamix 6300 C-series?

Yes, the Vitamix 6300 is a C-series blending machine that comes with three pre-programmed settings. It saves a lot of time and energy during the blending processes and makes healthy smoothies.

How many watts is the Vitamix 6300?

The Vitamix 6300 is a 1380 watt blender with a two-horsepower motor. It can perform all the blending operations efficiently and lasts for years if taken care of.

Can Vitamix be used as a food processor?

Yes, Vitamix can be used as a food processor except for slicing. It is easy to use with uncomplicated functions as compared to a standard food processing machine.

Is the Vitamix 6300 dishwasher safe?

The Vitamix 6300 is not dishwasher safe as high heat levels can melt or damage the plastic container. It is best to wash this blender manually, and it even has the ability to self-bathe.


The Vitamix 6300 is a kitchen must-have if you plan to adopt a healthy lifestyle or try new recipes every day. This blender has an excellent strength to deal with all kinds of ingredients, whether soft or hard. It is worth considering because of its versatility and excellent functions. Hence it has a nice appearance and improves the quality of life. We have also covered Vitamix 7500 review, have a look.


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