Vitamix 5200 vs 750

Years on end, Vitamix is still a headliner among all the home appliance chains. A variety of kitchenette processors are available, including blenders and food cyclers. Further, all appliances incorporate the latest technology within. Ahead of all, Vitamix blenders are something more worthwhile due to their top-grade features and A1 quality. Vitamix 5200 is a high-performance blending machine along with a wireless operating system.

On the other hand, the Vitamix 750 is another feasible automated blender that is durable and easy to handle. Come to pass; both Vitamix blenders are versatile as well as unique. It might be a hassle to choose one of them. Are you probing to choose the best one? We will help you through it. Here we will give you a comprehensive comparison of Vitamix 5200 and 750.

Vitamix 5200 vs 750

So, you may find it helpful to pick one. Explore more for Vitamix 5200 vs 750 next.

Vitamix 5200 vs 750

Vitamix 5200: is a proficient blending machine meant for quick servings. It is featured with a 4lb blender jar. Also, the speed control system is alterable. But high blending speed leads to finely processed food.

The blades are very sharp to chop the food contents coarsely in no time. Either make smoothies or soup; the spinning paddles will heat it with the blades’ friction.


Vitamix 750: comes with automated blending advancements. Moreover, it is appealing outside and efficient inside, thus fit for use. It not only blends the hard-core materials but is also duly optimal to make creamy shakes, salsa, desserts, and soup. Also, the Vitamix 750 has five setup modes, including cleaning, walk-away, etc. The well-built blades spin very fast at the adjusted speed. It is highly enduring to use for an extended time; hence, it won’t rust or bust soon.


Difference between Vitamix 5200 & 750

1. Motor power

Both blenders operate at different blending power. On that account, the electronic gears are also variable in terms of efficient blending. Hence, at its best, the Vitamix 5200 works with a motor power of 1100 watts. After that, the 750 has a 1440-watt motor, giving it an edge over its rival.

In short, the Vitamix 750 comes equipped with 2.2 horsepower, which will handle blending tasks on a substantial scale.

2. Pricing

The Vitamix 750 has a steep price when it comes to pricing. Meanwhile, the Vitamix 5200 is cost-efficient as compared to the 750 blenders. Although the recent spike in blender prices, the prices remain affordable. Vitamix 5200 costs $449.95, while the Vitamix 750 is $599.95. The former is, therefore, more economical than the latter.

3. Loudness

The loudness of the blender is a crucial consideration when buying one. Less noisy blenders are top-rated, as they are a lot more convenient. Vitamix blenders are not entirely silent, but they are relatively loud. Even so, Vitamix blenders are quieter than most blenders within a safe range.

Thus, the Vitamix 750 and 5200 are both reliable for blending. However, their differences are quite noticeable. Vitamix 5200 is 40% louder than 750 processor, therefore. Compared to the unit 750, it sounds quieter, at around 88 decibels.

The other one, i.e., 5200, creates more than 90 decibels of noise when running at full speed. Concludingly, Vitamix 750 makes less noise as compared to Vitamix 5200.

4. Setup buttons

Blenders come with preset buttons to control their functioning. However, these buttons will change the mode of the blending machine. Vitamix 750 has up to 5 setup modes for blending purposes. Further, this button system is convenient to make smoothies, purees, and soups.

In contrast, the 5200 unit is devoid of this feature. It only has the power setup button to make it on and off. So, the outcome is that the Vitamix 750 is more featured than the former unit.

5. Blending speed

Blending speed is determined by the spin of the blades. However, the rate is adjustable as the blender setup offers speed setting knobs. The speed of Vitamix 5200 is about 11-240mph. On the other side, blender 750 has a 270mph spin rate when blending at maximum speed. From then on, the Vitamix 750 is speedier than the 5200 unit.

Similarities between Vitamix 5200 & 750

1. Weight

Vitamix blenders are easy-to-handle on the whole. Whether it is Vitamix 5200 or 750, both share the same volume of weight. It is because they have approximately 12-13 pounds of weight altogether. Since it is less in weight, you can easily carry the blender units from one place to another. Thus portable to deal.

2. Warranty

Durable blenders are one of the demanding appliances among kitchen-based electronics. Vitamix blenders are long-term and efficient enough in working. Based on that, Vitamix 750 and 5200 have seven years of warranty altogether.

Subject to any change in the blender, the user can return the product within warranty time. However, it is all about Vitamix’s product guarantee policy which may alter in the future.

3. Blending adjuncts

While buying a Vitamix 5200 blending processor, the packaging contains the motor base, DVD, tamper and help manual. The same goes for the Vitamix 750 blender box. These adjuncts will either be helpful to run the blender or while assembling the unit.

4. Easy to clean

In general, cleaning blenders is not a hassle to do so. Though, the self-cleaning system is simply an easygoing process. Vitamix 5200 and 750 are alike when it comes to blender cleaning. Wash it either with liquid soap or dishwashing detergent.

Blend the cleansing agent for more than 25 minutes and wash it thoroughly. Furthermore, Vitamix 750 has a preset cleaning button, but the other won’t have any.

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Each of the two is high-performance blenders, i.e. Vitamix 5200 and 750. Both are rich in incredible features and functions. It is essential to consider that the Vitamix 750 blender is newly made while the 5200 one is a bit older. The 750 unit is more advanced than the earlier one.

However, it is not the subject of discussion. We have strived our best to put the significant info in this article. Spare a minute to know what’s here in Vitamix 5200 vs 750.

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