What do you use food processor for? Is Food Processor same as Blender?

Food Processor is an adaptable kitchen mechanism which facilitates multiple recipes withinseconds. Besides, you can use Food Processor for grinding, slicing, Choppingand making puree of each food and vegetable. A best Food processor is a quick solution to your food cutting and chopping problems. Food processor is the finest assistance in producing doughs for pizza, cookies and many more. You can even grind meat at your kitchen shelf now and it will turn out to be gentle and smooth.

Well, all and sundry has a Food Processor at home, many people are now familiar with the usage of Food Processor, but people might confuse between the workings of Food processors and blenders. Therefore, everyone should be aware of the capacities and the best usage of the Food Processor and blender as well.

Multiple Uses of Food Processor:

Food Processor has multiple functions and a list of common uses is as follow:

  • Meat Grating:

Meat grating is not an easy task, it takes a lot of time to prepare meat for any recipe. a food processor is capable of chopping, grating and slicing beef, chicken and many more. Food Processor can chop, grind the meat without any toil and effort quickly. If you are using a big Food processor, you can grind up to 6 plates of meat and for mini–Food Processor you must cut the meat in small cubes to grind it well. Check out the best food processors to grind meat.

Multiple Uses of Food Processor
  • Cheese, Fruits and Vegetables Can be Chopped, Sliced and Grated:

Food Processor must be equipped with different kinds of discs which are used for multiple functions such as cheese grinding, fruits and veggies slices, chopping and many more. FoodProcessors comes with sharp blades which can quickly chop and grind anything. You can slice fruits and vegetables easily and can make your meal at any time just in minutes.

  • Making Salads and Dressings

With the help of Food Processor, you can make any kind of salads such as Coleslaw and others. Food Processor is nothing less than bliss in this hectic routine and tough times. For Salads and dressings, place the specific disc of salads making and you will produce the material instantly. Food Processor works in such a seamless way that you might not need any knife to cut the fruits and veggies beforehand. For dressings you just need to press the S button and it will work automatically.

  • Sausages, pulp, paste production:

Producing any kind of sausages and pastes is not a toil for Food Processor. The most amazing feature of Food Processor is making sauces and pulps immediately and impeccably. You can make potato sauce for your meals by just pressing a button.

  • Dough Production:

For Dough preparation through Food Processor, all you need is flour, water and electricity to make a quicken and smooth dough or betters of high quality. Before placing material into Food processor, grease it with oil for a flawless dough. Make sure to avoid adding a lot of flour in the Food processor, because it will work according to its size and motor.

  • Nut Butter Production:

Food Processors consumes a very short period of time for processing items and production of Butter or Dough is prey easy for this mechanism. This is primary purpose is dough and butter production for its procurement. Forinstance, add up peanuts into the Food Processor and then press the button, onceit gets oily, run the machine for 30 to 40 seconds and the creamy butter is ready! You can add salt or whatever you find useful.

  • Brewing Crumbs:

Food Processor is designed in such a way that it can make large quantity of bread or Oreo crumbs just in seconds.it can easily handle up to ten breads at a time. You can make crumbs of anything, cookies, crackers, nuts, beans it will work faster than magic to get things done.

Is Food Processor Same as Blender?

Food Processor and Blender consists of the functions which are somehow same, but you can never place blender with the food processor. Though blender can perform diverse functions but it can not handle solid materials and it consists of single blade; which is not capable of slicing, cuttingand chopping at the sametime. Food Processors are equipped with different blades for different items and it can easily handle solid as well as liquid food processing such as puree, sauces, seasonings and so on. A list of the simple functions of blender is provided as follow:

Is Food Processor Same as Blender
  • Vegetables:

In blender to chop vegetables, you must cut them into slices beforehand. Youcannot slice the vegetables directly in the blender.

  • Bread Crumbs:

You can make breads in the blender, but you can only add two pieces of bread at a time. Inaddition, you have to wait 40 to 50 seconds and then add two more pieces of breads to make fine crumbs.

  • Seasoning, Puree:

Blender can easily make any type of seasoning, because blender is bet fit for making liquid puree and seasonings sauces as well.

  • Cheese Grating:

For chopping cheese, you must make slices of cheese and then add in the blender. Youcannot add cheese without cutting into small pieces.

  • Dough Making:

Dough can also be made in a blender but make sure you own high quality blender. Place the ingredients in the blender and change the settings to process items.

  • Fewer number of items should be processed:

However, blender cannot work as a food processor but some of the blenders come up with three different modes of blending, so you can process different items in a blender with the highest speedsettings. A good blender can handle a smallernumber of items and can process them well. Therefore, you should not add large quantity of items in the blender, otherwise it will not work.

To wind up

Food Processor is a versatile kitchen appliance, you can use food processor to make unlimited wonderful recipes. You can do anything with the food processor, it can make whatever you want immediately; such as Slicing, cutting, chopping, grating of fruits, meat, veggiesas well as cheese and nuts. On the other hand, blendercan assist you in limited ways, it can make puree, juicing, baby food and sauces as well. Consequently, food processors and blender are not same they are diverse in their features and functioning as well as quality.

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