What Size Food Processor Do You Need? (Best Buying Guide)

Having a food processor in your kitchen is like having a servant, a helper, and a friend – all in one. If you are someone who cooks regularly or loves cooking, a food processor is a necessity. Not only does it make every task easier, but also helps enhance the flavor of your dish. Save your precious time and energy when preparing delicious foods and invest in a good food processor to make your life easier!

What is a Food Processor?

A food processor is a handy tool for all cooks. Whether you are just a beginner or a professional chef working in a high-end restaurant, having a food processor is crucial. They are available in a range of sizes and have multiple interchangeable attachments which allow them to perform a variety of functions. You can chop, slice, dice, knead and make a puree using a food processor by changing the blades and accessories. Not only does it take much less time, but also saves you loads of energy and labor. Cooking food will be easier, fun, and less tiring with these incredible machines!

What is a Food Processor

Food Processor vs Blender:

Many people confuse food processors with blenders, so it is very important to understand the differences between the two before heading out to buy one. Blenders are specifically designed to turn food into a liquid, for example, smoothies and margaritas. They have a single fixed blade that helps you create a smooth puree by adding some form of liquid. They are usually tall and not very wide – like a bottle – to make them more suitable for their purpose.

On the other hand, a food processor does all kinds of tasks such as chopping, slicing, dicing, kneading, and pureeing. They are wide with flat bases and have a variety of attachments for every function that they can perform. You can use them for both, wet and dry ingredients. They help you save a lot of time during food preparation and provide ease while cooking. If you want to read more about it, please have a look at the detailed difference between food processor and blender.

Food Processor vs Blender

Why does the Size of a Food Processor matter?

Before showing up at the store to buy a food processor, it is important to do your research. These versatile kitchen appliances can be found in various sizes, starting from mini food processors and ranging up to 16-cup machines for large parties. You must consider all your options and have an idea of what kind of food processor suits your needs. Other than the power, accessories and price of the machine, the most important factor is the size. Read our reviews of food processors that might be ideal for you.

It is very important to consider the size of your food processor. A small number of ingredients will not be processed thoroughly in a large container. On the other hand, a large amount of food will take you too much time to process if you have a small container. When buying the right size, you need to consider the amount of food you usually cook for a meal, or for how many people. For example, if you typically cook for a family of four, an 11-cup size processor will best suit your needs.

What size of a food processor should I get?

The size of a food processor is measured in cups. If you have a small family of 2 or 3 people, then a mini food processor with the capacity of 3-4 cups will be perfect for you. Smaller food processors blend the best purees and make sure that even the smallest amount of food is thoroughly processed. Though they come with lesser attachments than a larger food processor, they do every job perfectly, saving you a lot of time and effort. Another advantage of smaller food processors is that they are easier to store. They take up lesser space in your cabinets, making it easier for you to clean and organize. However, you will have to prepare a large amount of ingredients in batches which increases your workload. 

For a family of four, a mid-size food processor with a 7-10 cup capacity will suffice. Bowls of this size will allow you to chop, slice, grind, knead and grate a large number of ingredients in one go. Usually, mid-size food processors have feed chutes of different sizes so that you do not have to pre-cut your ingredients before putting them in. Additionally, there is a larger variety of attachments for different functions. You can choose the size of your blade and add accessories to chop ingredients.

Lastly, large food processors with a 12-14 cup capacity are best suitable for families of 7 members. You can perform all kinds of functions in this large, flat-based bowl using a large number of ingredients. Forget about preparing your food in batches and do it all in one go. Whether it is chopping vegetables or kneading dough for dinner, a large food processor will perform the task perfectly. The only disadvantage here is that if you prepare a small amount of ingredients, they will not be thoroughly processed. Furthermore, larger food processors are hard to store and take up a lot of space. But it is undoubtedly much easier to clean as you can prepare all your ingredients in one bowl.

There are also commercial-sized food processors available in the market. This is mainly used by small restaurant owners who need to prepare food in bulk. A commercial-grade unit comes with a powerful motor which will allow you to perform hefty tasks with maximum comfort. Kneading a large amount of dough, dicing many vegetables and preparing purees – you can do it all in a commercial-sized food processor. You can make large servings with these machines without having to shut off the motor.

The best option for an everyday cook is to invest in a large food processor that comes with a small bowl and blade that can be fitted inside. With these machines, you can blend ingredients of any amount in the different-sized bowls. All you need to do is change the accessories according to your need. Cooking food requires all sorts of ingredients in different amounts, so these food processors are surely worth the money you spend on them. You can chop a lot of ingredients while also a blender small amount of puree all in one machine!


The mid-size food processor is highly recommended as it meets all your needs and has very few disadvantages. It is fairly easier to store, clean and can help you prepare a reasonable amount of ingredients at once. These food processors usually come with additional attachments for chopping, kneading, pureeing and other tasks. Make sure to consider all your options when choosing the size of your food processor, and buy the one that best suits your needs!

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