Nutri Ninja vs Nutribullet Blender

Are you in search of blenders and wondering which blender should you buy: NutriBullet or Ninja? With so many various brands and styles, modern blenders have numerous advantages and disadvantages. Nutribullet blenders and the Nutri Ninja Blender are two of the most popular countertop blenders on the market.

Both can be used to blend frozen fruits and other ingredients, as well as perform tasks like crushing ice or making baby food. Nutribullet Blender and Nutri Ninja Blenders will be compared in this article.

Nutri ninja vs Nutribullet blender

Comparison of Nutri Ninja vs Nutribullet Blender

Nutri ninja vs Nutribullet blender: Price

The more expensive Nutribullet blenders have a lower price point than the more expensive Ninja blenders. It’s recommended to go with a simple Nutribullet model like the Magic Bullet or the original Nutribullet.

On the contrary, the Nutri Ninja system is the best option if you’re looking for greater flexibility. This means that there is not much of a pricing difference between the two producers. Nutri Ninja, on the other hand, may be more reasonable for those who are stocking their first house and are on a budget.

Nutri Ninja vs Nutribullet Blender: Construction

It is really important to consider the blades of any blender you are considering purchasing. The preferred material is stainless steel, and six-pronged blades outperform two-pronged counterparts.

Most of the components of the Nutribullet and the Ninja Nutri-Blender Pro are constructed of sturdy, BPA-free plastic. The stainless-steel base of the Ninja, on the other hand, may give it an edge in terms of durability. It won’t break if you drop it from a great height.

Because of this, the Nutribullet, as well as the Ninja Nutri-Blender Pro both, have a broad, U-shaped blender jar. It is easier to blend without scraping down the sides of this blender than it would be in a taller, narrower one.

Nutri Ninja vs Nutribullet Blender: Power of the motor

In this comparison, it seems that NutriBullet realises the necessity of making powerful products even better. Consequently, their blenders tend to be more powerful than Nutri Ninja in the vast majority of cases. The motors in their lower-capacity blenders range from 600 to 900 watts, while the motors in their mid-and high-tier models range from 1,700 to 1,900 watts.

If you talk about Nutri Ninja, you’ll find that it also has powerful motors. 900-watt motors are standard on all of their entry-level models. However, the higher power 1,500-watt motors are available on the larger and more expensive models.

Nutri Ninja vs Nutribullet Blender: Blades

Aside from the motor, the blades are the primary distinction when it comes to the NutriBullet and Nutri Ninja models. With the NutriBullet’s technique of blending, wide, duller blades are employed. It appears to be more suited to crushing food rather than cutting and slicing it. To put it another way, the blades of the Nutri Ninja are a lot thicker and more rigid. As a result of this, it is less successful at mixing ice and frozen fruit mixtures.

The blades of the Nutri Ninja are used differently. As with their full-sized blenders, it makes use of thick, pointed blades. It has been tested that the blades could handle more components and blend them more consistently, particularly when it came to frozen solids.

Nutri Ninja vs Nutribullet Blender: Weight

Generally, larger capacity items are almost always going to be heavier because of their greater power and storage capacity. The lightness of the product seems to be a key differentiator for NutriBullet compared to its competitor Nutri Ninja. Since this is the case, most of their blenders are lighter in weight than those from the competition.

In addition to being heavier, Nutri Ninja blenders tend to have a wider and larger power base, making them more difficult to store than NutriBullet blenders, which are more compact in size.

Nutri Ninja vs Nutribullet Blender: Extras

You do not have to worry about toxic chemicals seeping into your food if you drink directly from them or store your beverage in them for a lengthy amount of time. This is because both the NutriBullet and the Nutri Ninja come with BPA-free cups/bottles.

Moreover, you can use the top rack of your dishwasher for both of these products because they are dishwasher safe as well. More and more cup holders can now accommodate Nutri Ninja’s smaller cups. Although, the narrower foundation makes them more prone to falling over.

Additionally, portability and ease of use are two of Nutri Ninja’s advantages. Rubberized travel lids are included with each cup. Also, the lids are not microwave-safe, so be careful to remove the cover before microwaving anything.

What are the warranty terms when it comes to Nutri ninja vs Nutribullet blender?

For a year, the manufacturers of the NutriBullet and Nutri Ninja stand by their products and back them with a warranty. Additionally, there is no need to register for either of them, although you may want to keep your receipt just in case.

Does the NutriBullet allow you to put frozen fruit or ice into it?

If you have a boosted NutriBullet such as the NutriBullet Pro or the NutriBullet Balance, you can use frozen berries and pre-sliced frozen fruit. However, you may still want to avoid loading these models with huge chunks of frozen solids. Except if you also fill it partially with whiskey, we don’t recommend it in the basic NutriBullet.

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Consequently, whatever personal blender is perfect for you will depend on what is most important to you. Is the lowest affordable alternative most important to you, or does one with more power have a greater appeal?

The Nutri Ninja has a better blade design and a more powerful motor than the NutriBullet, resulting in smoother, more consistent blending in less time than the NutriBullet does. Moreover, you can find a better deal on a NutriBullet if money is your major concern. However, the Nutri Ninja is the clear winner in terms of value for money.

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