Nutri Ninja Blender Review 2022 – Pro, Personal & Comapct

Are you searching for a good quality blender that makes good smoothies but do not have enough money to invest in an expensive kitchen appliance? Well, I was facing the same problem recently but found a solution for myself. The Nutri Ninja blender is a single-serve blender with practical usage and affordable price. This has travel-ready cups that are easy to grab on the way to work or university. A silky, foamy smoothie is ready in your jars with the lids on.

The Nutri Ninja blender has the same functions as the standard countertop blenders but consumes less space. This blender has been my best friend during my dorm life, having powerful performance and great capacity in such a compact size. I was able to try multiple recipes with the help of this handful appliance. I am jotting down a review along with some functionalities of the Nutri Ninja blender, so you decide for yourself.

Nutri Ninja Blender Review 2022


Nutri Ninja



  • It can perform multiple blending tasks effortlessly.
  • The black motor and the silver icons blend in with the kitchen interior.
  • The compact size of the Nutri Ninja fits in all cabinets.
  • It is travel-friendly and prevents spilling.
  • The Nutri Ninja has a one-speed level.
  • It might heat up when used for a long time continuously.


While keeping in mind the functions, the size of the Nutri Ninja blender is quite impressive. It is a solid machine that perfectly fits under a kitchen cabinet, even leaving some spare area for other things. The jet black motor base and some silver chrome plated icons blend it with other kitchen appliances. This 900-watt blender is a pro-extractor that makes multiple drinks and smoothies very effortlessly.

The two blender cups of different sizes, i.e., 18 and 24 ounces, are made with BPA-free materials, ensuring the safety of the consumer, and are very environment-friendly. The base of the Nutri Ninja has suction cups to keep it stable on the countertop while the blending operations are being done. It even can stick on wet surfaces, so the thick plastic jars do not move and leak.

Grooves are present on the inner rim of the lid so that you can enjoy it smoothly without any problem. The clear plastic jars have wide mouths, so tossing the prominent solid or liquid ingredients is easy and mess-free. You can even purchase additional cups if two are not enough for you. The Nutri Ninja blenders are portable so that they can accompany you during your trips as well.


A blending fanatic who likes high-speed blenders will doubt these compact kitchen appliances at first sight. Personal blenders are known for leaks and incapability. But the Nutri Ninja blenders will give you a shock and put all the rumors to rest with the first smoothie you will ever make by using this fantastic machine. They are compelling and can blend all the ingredients, including the frozen ones, very nicely.

The Nutri Ninja outperforms even when different ingredients are used for making smoothies, milkshakes, or purees. Even if more liquid is added, it perfectly blends the mixture and gives the required consistency, leaving no fragments. The manufacturer recommends using the blender in short intervals to get that even texture in the drinks. Since the Nutri Ninja has only a one-speed level, thick mixtures or spreads might take a little longer than usual.

Nutri Ninja Review
Infographic: Nutri Ninja

Pulse Feature

The pulse feature in the Nutri Ninja blender is unique and works differently than the standard blenders. As it has only a one-speed level, some pressure must be applied to the container after placing it on the motor base. When you release the container, it stops automatically. This process can be repeated multiple times to pulse blend all the ingredients without even having a proper pulse button.

Sound Level

Fortunately, the Nutri Ninja blenders are not as loud as the other bullet blenders because of their one-speed option. It has only one noise level and cannot be altered. It produces 89 decibels of sound when recorded by a phone tracker. This range is less than what other blenders produce at high blending speeds.

Use and Set-Up

As out of the box, the Nutri Ninja blender is almost ready to use. This only requires a two-step setting process. Once you put the ingredients in the container, the extractor blades are screwed. It is then fixed on the motor base for the blending operations to start. After the blending operations are complete, the jar can be removed and is ready to drink. The travel-friendly lids prevent spilling and leakage.

Cleaning Process

The Nutri Ninja blender is very easy to clean and maintain and can be washed in a dishwasher. Although the wide mouth of the jars makes the cleaning process easy, still some food can get caked on the walls. In this case, you can soak the blender in lukewarm for a couple of minutes and scrub it afterward. After cleaning, the blender can be placed in a dishwasher as well.

All the accessories that come with the blender shall be kept on the upper rack as lower compartments are more exposed to heat levels. There are high chances of damaging and melting the thick plastic jar at high levels of heat. Furthermore, if you blend some foods with a pungent smell like onions or garlic, the odor stays long.

To get rid of this smell, it is advised to leave the blender with water and a dishwashing liquid for 24 hours. If that does not work, lemon juice and some baking soda can do the job. These can take away the smell and help prolong the life and integrity of the plastic jars.


Despite being a compact-sized blender, the Nutri Ninja is capable of performing multiple blending tasks efficiently. The two different sizes of jars spin the blades at 21,000 RPM. The recipe book helps to reach the desired consistency with a few ingredients only. The Nutri Ninja blending container is easily converted to the drinking cup and is user-friendly. Some of the blending tasks by this blender are given below:


It is a sign of a good blender to make luscious smoothies even if it is low-priced. The Nutri Ninja blenders are specially designed for smoothie lovers who like having healthy drinks. The addition of frozen fruits does not make the drinks watery and gives them a nice texture. No ice is required in this case.

After throwing all the ingredients inside the blender, the top is pushed for the ingredients to emulsify. The blending process takes only a few seconds before the creamy and frothy smoothie is ready. The jar is removed from the base motor. It is ready to drink or serve in another container. Blended so well, these can even be used as instant breakfasts and keep you full for a longer time.


Tomato puree is one of the most common things used in our kitchens. Usually, food processors are used for this purpose, but they make such a mess. The Nutri Ninja blender has all the pureeing capabilities even when large chunks of tomatoes are placed in it. This blends the tomatoes smoothly in just a few seconds, giving a perfect consistency.

If you like having vegetable purees, adding water with other vegetables is recommended as they are hard. Tomatoes are soft and juicy and do not require additional water for blending purposes. The liquids help the blades to emulsify the hard ingredients and give the desired consistency.

Ice Crushing

The Nutri Ninja blender can crush the ice, but it is advised not to use this for crushing purposes. As this blender has one speed and is manually functioning, there are high chances of heating. The ice-crushing process requires a lot of power at different levels.


Is Nutri Ninja worth it?

Yes, the Nutri Ninja blender is worth it. This single smoothie serve has unique functions and is very affordable. It is a portable blender that is converted into glass after the smoothie is ready.

How does a Ninja blender last?

The Nutri Ninja blenders have a one-year warranty, but their life depends upon the usage and maintenance. If you take care of this blender, it can last a couple of years and not wear out.

Which Ninja is best for smoothies?

The Ninja Foodi Power Nutri DUO is the best model out there for making smoothies. This 24-ounce jar comes with a lid that makes healthy smoothies while you work or study.

Is a 900-watt blender good?

Yes, the 900-watt blender is suitable for making smoothies, dips, purees, and desserts. The 900-watt motor blends the ingredients effortlessly, giving that smooth, silky texture everyone likes.


The Nutri Ninja blenders are one of the favorite appliances of the chefs because of their simple functions and affordable price range. These can replace food processors to some extent and are very convenient to use. The manufacturers made no compromise on the quality of this top-notch blender. You can make healthy smoothies while on the way or some dips or spreads for the friend’s night. If you want to visit the official site, here it is.

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