4 Nutri-Bullet Blenders – Review

How convenient is it to push the button, wait a while and get your smoothie ready? Right? The time has gone when you had to mix everything by hand using tools and small kitchen accessories, spending time and effort both. Now many kitchen tools have been converted into machinery, and electrically operated appliances, which are time-saving and effort saving. Let us introduce you to Nutri-Bullet Blenders available that are highly efficient to make your kitchen work effortless and perfect.

Converting raw foods into juices, fruits and yoghurt into smoothies, tomatoes and garlic into sauces, and some pastes, these blenders are also known for working as choppers and mincers at times. Here comes the hectic part. How would you know which blender is perfect for you without using it? And of course, you cannot use all of them to select the best one. We have solved your fatigue and given you the four best Nutri-Bullet Blenders, which are available and efficient for you to make your kitchen life easy and perfect.

4 Nutri-Bullet Blenders

Here is the list of 4 Nutri-Bullet blenders which will help you in blending and mixing every raw material and converting it into any mixture you want.

1. Nutribullet Blender Combo – Best For Travelling


Nutribullet Blender Combo



  • Travelling cups
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Low-speed settings aren’t low

These Nutri-Bullet Blenders are generally known for the preservation of the nutrients in the food while blending it. If you are fond of blender to help you in making smoothies within minutes, I would recommend you to go with this Nutribullet Blender Combo. Highly convenient to use with all the unique features and an affordable price, this ideal Nutri Blender is the best companion for you to help you in your kitchen.

This is not only perfect in making smoothies but is also highly versatile in functioning. You will get the full-size jug in addition to the personal cup-sized blenders. With various accessories and an affordable price, this Nutri-Bullet Blender Combo makes itself stand at the top place in our list. The availability of 3 blending speeds and a pulse option makes this Blender more convenient to use with a single button press.

Furthermore, this compact blender will not take up much of the space in the kitchen shelf, making it convenient to store in the cupboard because of the presence of a smaller base. 7.3 LBS of weight is easy to carry from one place to another, making it easy to manage and clean this blender. The containers used for blending are easier to carry on the go. Blend the drink inside the cup, remove the blades, cover it with lids to make it ideal for travelling.

Nutribullet Blender Combo is our top selected product among Nutri-Bullet Blender. It consists of lots of accessories at an affordable price to make you feel very convenient to use. The lightweight feature makes it highly portable and easy to manage and clean.

2. Nutri-Bullet Pro 900


Nutri-Bullet Pro 900



  • Powerful motor
  • More capacity
  • Durable stainless steel materials
  • Not for longer continues play

With a little more expensive, if you are getting this many features and power, I recommend you spend some extra money and get Nutri-Bullet Pro 900. High power with a high blending capacity makes you feel convenient and relaxed while working in the kitchen. Moreover, the cyclonic action of strong stainless steel blades makes it ideal for crushing hard materials like apples, pomegranate and dry fruits that will end up making a delicious milkshake.

This is known as a big brother of renowned and efficient matchless Nutri-Bullet 600 and involves all the features on a higher level than this product. This 900 Pro model of Nutri Blender supplies 900 Watts of power to the motor of the Blender, which is strong enough to deal with any food energetically.

Moreover, the quality of this Blender is popular among its users is that it makes sure 0 to no aeration into the food during blending. This will let you have the pure and most refined form of blended food. It is an impressive blender for those who are looking for more capacity and more power to make your food more blended and smooth after blending.

This Nutri-Bullet Pro 900 is another model of the Blender, which is said to be the big brother of the Nutri-Bullet 600. It consists of more capacity and more power to ensure you can deal with hard foods very smoothly and perfectly. Moreover, the stainless steel material used in manufacturing makes the overall blender durable and long-lasting.

3. Nutribullet 1000 – Powerful Bender


Nutribullet 1000



  • Easy-grip handles
  • Easy to wash
  • 1000 watts of power
  • Leakage of liquids

This Nutri-Bullet 1000 mainly focuses on constructing such blades, ensuring purity and nutrients remain present inside the food. The transformation of average food into edible food is the speciality of this blender. The physical design of this Blender is made very simple and classy, which makes it look great in the kitchen. It is ideal for those who are health and diet conscious.

The 1000 watts of power supply make the motor of this Nutri-Bullet blender powerful to deal with any complex and robust food. This includes large veggies and fruits, and this power is enough for transforming them into soft, smooth blended food. Furthermore, the cleaning and maintenance of this blender is effortless without any strenuous efforts. You can take off the blades by simply twisting them and washing them with soap and water.

Similarly, go with the washing of the cups without any hassle by simply using soap water. The blender handles are made with technology to ensure no leakage during any liquid or semi-liquid blendings. Moreover, the lids have a proper seal that makes sure the food remains inside the blender throughout blending and do not put extra aeration, which can cause impurities.

This Blender contains the highest powerful motor of the two mentioned above. It is made up of 1000 watts of power which ensures a more potent supply of energy. Furthermore, the product is easy to wash and very convenient to handle.

4. Nutri-Bullet Rx – Best Professional Blender


Nutri-Bullet Rx



  • Extra accessories
  • Heating functions
  • 1700 watt motor
  • Small holes are impossible to clean

It is said to be the most potent Blender of all on the list. 1700 Watts of power supply in the motor of this Nutri-Bullet RX Blender makes it unique and highly strong to deal with every food particle. Additionally, it ensures the finest and smoothest paste of your food, including fruits and vegetables, to make your cooking more professional. The blending abilities are extraordinary, but this is the smartest of all other blenders on the list.

It consists of an intelligent heating function that helps you to blend hot substances such as soups and while providing heat to them. Moreover, the available hands-free option also allows you to use the Blender simultaneously while working with other things in the kitchen. You are not required to stick to it all the time to operate it. Lastly, you will also get a blade removal tool with this blender to ensure you properly untie the blade to clean it or wash it.

Moreover, it consists of a cleaning brush that helps you clean the Blender from inside and outside profoundly and thoroughly. You will get many different accessories and lids with different sizes of jars which ensure you can use this blender for every purpose. Easy to clean, this product is highly efficient and reliable in making your kitchen work easy.

Nutri-Bullet Rx is an efficient, super-strong Blender that consists of an energetic 1700 Watts of motor placed in its base. The Blender also performs heating functions for those foods which require heating and blending.


What can you not put in a Nutri-Bullet?

Very hard objects such as seeds, ice and dates with seeds are restricted from putting them into the Nutri blender. If you try to crush and blend such complex objects, your blades will ultimately break down and cause damage. Make sure not to go with rough and brutal use of the blender, as with such acts, your blender will not last long.

Why is Nutri-Bullet not blending?

Most probably, the reasons for Nutri-Bullet blenders stopping are any leakages, destruction of the seals present around the lids, or some cracking. Moreover, there are chances that something is not tightened correctly, either the lid or the jar.

How long does a Nutri-Bullet blender last?

The company gives the guarantee of one year for the performance of the blender. So you can keep on checking on the performance, and if you notice, it’s not the same as it was in the start you can always contact the company. Whereas, it has been observed that Nutri-Bullet blenders do last longer than five years if used and maintained correctly.

What should I do if my Nutri-Bullet Blender stucks?

Nutri-Bullet Blender stucks due to some problems in activators slots. To correct this problem, you need to have a few drops of vinegar, oil or warm water. Initiate by putting the warm water into the activated slot. If it’s not available with you, then go with putting drops of vinegar or oil in it. Press it down with the use of a spoon or something which you think is suitable for it. Never go with your fingers to press the activator. Release it after some time, and now your blender will be working again.

What causes the blender to stop working?

The topmost common cause of blenders not being able to work is jamming. Make sure to check properly that the blades are not jammed. It would help if you work with the blade shaft by turning it after disassembling the blender. If you feel like it is jammed, check for the possible causes that are causing a jamming of the blade. The most common cause of jamming is the residue and debris stuck to the blades of the blender.

How do you maintain a blender?

Maintaining and cleaning the Blender is not a difficult task. It only requires a little effort, water and soap. You can remove the removable parts such as the lid, jugs, and blades. Put the blade in the warm water containing soap and use foam or net cloth to wash the lid and jug. In this way, you can maintain the cleanliness of your blenders and keep them efficient in performance throughout their use.

Final Thoughts

Nutri-Bullet blenders are renowned and reliable blenders in terms of functioning and performance. These are highly trustworthy among all kitchen appliances used to blend everything from cold juices to hot soups. It generally contains stainless steel blades with sharp edges and solid and powerful motors to blend everything nicely into a mixture.

It is not an easy task to select the best product for your kitchen according to your needs and the features you want. We have made this complication easy for you by selecting the four best highly positively reviewed and available Nutri-Bullet Blenders. Make sure to read the article mentioned above attentively to get all the knowledge related to the best blenders available.

As a review, I will suggest you go with the selection of,

  • Nutribullet Blender Combo is an ideal and our top selected product. With a high affordability rate, this product consists of various accessories making you feel convenient and easy to use.
  • Nutri-Bullet Pro 900 is another highly recommended product that is also very popular among users. It consists of durable stainless steel material which is sharp enough to cut any food item.

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