Ninja Vs. Vitamix Blender [Which 1 is Best For You]

A blender plays an essential role in your kitchen. In today’s world, a person is always incomplete without a blender when it comes to the kitchen. A blender helps you in several different ways. The best thing about having a blender is that it turns chunks of food into puree or liquid form in just a matter of 60 seconds.

However, the results of every blender depend upon the quality and price of the blender. If you are conscious about your recipe, owning a high-end blender is the best you can make. Also, a good blender is easy to assemble and clean, which means if it is dishwasher safe, then well and good. Otherwise, people also change their decision when the blender is not dishwasher friendly.

In this article, we will compare two blender brands, namely Ninja and Vitamix blenders. Both possess their features, and people like them due to the individual features the blender poses.

Ninja Vs. Vitamix Blender

Ninja Blender

Ninja blenders are popular because they quickly tackle the most challenging ingredients and transform them into desirable liquid forms. Also, Ninja blenders have high blending power, unlike other blenders available in the market.

The best thing is that ninja blenders are always easy to clean and create nearly zero mess while processing the food. The reason why it tends to transform the most challenging ingredients without any hassle is because of the excellent quality material used for its construction. Ninja blenders are undoubtedly highly durable with a minimum noise level.


  • The blender set comes with a pitcher blender and processor. One can make different recipes using each of the blender’s components.
  • Almost all the ninja blenders come with 7 functions. These functions not only helps to make restaurant-style smoothies but also form other different textures making your recipes worth trying
  • The Ninja blenders come with approx 1, 24 oz cup where once can blend perfect smoothies and juices for the entire family in a single go
  • A dough mixer is also part of the deal so that it becomes easier for you to try out any recipe that requires a dough mixture
  • Almost all the ninja blenders require 1600 watt power and perfectly show the desired results
  • The blender set includes 2 discs and a feed chute making your blending experience worth it.

Vitamix Blender

Many of you may have already heard about Vitamix, a known and trustworthy blender brand. It is a brand that many professional chefs opt for. The Vitamix blenders are surprisingly highly versatile and powerful.

Many blenders are not good with blending coffee beans, but Vitamix blenders are outstanding and perfectly grind the coffee beans. If you want to heat soup? No worries, the ideal blender does that for you due to its high friction power.

The blender creates less mess and is easy to clean. Also, the easy assembling makes the blender everyone’s favorite. The versatile blending power makes the brand stand out among the crowd.


  • The stylish look of the blender grabs the attention of every kitchen freak. The machine ensures the best user experience with high performance
  • It only requires a single touch to operate the blender fully
  • The built-in digital timer makes the blender outperform the desired results
  • Smoothies made at home with Vitamix blenders are no less than restaurant smoothies. Even they taste similar to what to get to drink in 5-star restaurants
  • By just adding a single drop of the dishwasher, you can easily clean the blender no matter how tough stains the blender gets with each blending
  • You can continuously blend, blend, and blend unless you get the desired results
  • There is also a pulse feature that helps to form different food textures without any difficulty or delay
  • Usually, the blenders take a lot of your time for cleaning, but when it comes to Vitamix blenders, they are dishwasher safe, and you can keep some of their components in the dishwasher while enjoying your smoothie

Ninja vs. Vitamix Blender

As per different research, both the brands are almost neck and neck.


Task Ninja Blender Vitamix Blender
Icy drinks Ninja blender does not let any residue left behind and mix wells all the ingredients to form a perfect smoothie Vitamix blenders also serve the same results. However, the blender ensures smooth and juicy drinks
Pureeing The blender is easy to blend carrots, tough vegetables, and puree parsley. It is good at mixing the tough ingredients and forming them into a puree Vitamix blenders are far better than ninja blenders at forming purees.

However, it is an excellent blender that blends the most challenging vegetables and fruits to form a smooth puree.

Hot ingredients It cannot handle any hot ingredients Easily handles hot ingredients while making the best hot soup dues to the immense amount of friction it produces
Ice crushing Forms small fine flakes Portray similar results to that of Ninja blender
Noise A bit noisy Produce similar noise like ninja blender
Convenience Highly convenient and easy to clean. Obtains excellent ratings as compared to Vitamix blenders Vitamix blenders are also convenient, but they are not as good as Ninja blenders
Good at Rates good as an easy-to-use blender Perfect for making soup


It is difficult to say whether Ninja or Vitamix is the winner in the comparison. Both possess essential features and produce desired results in one way or another. Vitamix blenders require more power. Hence they make more noise. Otherwise, ninja blenders are not good at holding hot ingredients.

So both have equal advantages as well as flaws. People prefer both brands because both are equally great in the eyes of a professional chef.

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What blender is as good as a Vitamix?

The KitchenAid, Blendtec, and Breville come with nearly zero accessories. So it becomes easier to handle such blenders. However, if one wants a variety in their blender, then Ninja is the best choice for you.

Is a Vitamix louder than a Ninja?

Whether it is Ninja or Vitamix blender, both are the same when it comes to noise. Both of these blenders produce almost the same noise.

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