Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 Reviews 2022 – Expert Opinions

Ninja Mega Kitchen system is one of the famous and most used kitchen appliances. Although it was introduced approximately 8 years ago, still its famous among other kitchen mechanisms.

What is Ninja Mega Kitchen System?

Ninja Mega kitchen system is the best to fit for your kitchen top if you are juicing and processing foods; including frozen and fresh. Moreover, the Ninja Mega kitchen system is flexible in the extraction of natural minerals, nutrients and many more. Besides, it works wonders for slicing, chopping, and preparing doughs for your meals. It has the capacity of making doughs & hummus just in a moment and produces high-quality delicious drinks as well as smoothies.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System comprises of squashing jug which can turn the solid ice into snow immediately so that you can serve soft cold drinks to your family and children effortlessly. Its 1500 watts power battery supports all your meal-making needs such as baking, juicing, and puree as well. Ninja Mega Kitchen System consists of multiple blades to support your multiple needs perfectly.

A well-defined guide of the important aspects and features has been provided so that you can pick and choose between different kitchen appliances. Ninja Mega Kitchen System can perform work of three appliances simultaneously and a single-serving cup is all the more flexible and movable; when leaving for a walk or early office working as well.

What is Ninja Mega Kitchen System

Key Specification:

  • Vessel is capable of processing 72oz and 9 whole cups of liquid.
  • Ninja Mega Kitchen System has 1500 watts power which is regarded as more powerful among other blenders.
  • It consists of three speeds for instance, high low and individual cup.
  • Two Ninja cups of 19 oz are attached which are movable at the same time
  • Food processor bowl of 64 attached is attached to process any kind of food instantly.
  • Multiple blades are attached for assembling diverse kind of items.
  • Ninja Mega Kitchen System is BFA free.
  • Ninja Mega Kitchen system is totally safe to wash; you can separate the lids and wash them easily.
  • Ninja Mega Kitchen System comes up with 1 year guarantee.


Ninja BL770 Mega



  • Standard design
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Three speed controller and pulse control.
  • Cable of processing 72 ounces of items
  • Multipurpose, individual and family food processor
  • Powerful,1500-watt motor is capable of crushing ice easily
  • Tamper free mechanism
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • BFA free vessels and pitchers
  • Great at slicing and chopping
  • Excellently making smoothies
  • Perfect Shape quality
  • Giftable
  • Functionality and adaptability
  • Noisy
  • Not perfect for hot ingredients
  • Lower quality Nutt butter
  • Huge contour

Detailed Description:

The interface:

Ninja Mega Kitchen system comes up in modish and glossy design. The vessel is large and slim comprises of touch pulse buttons.


Ninja Mega Kitchen System consists of highly powered motor of 1500 watts to process your food items rapidly and efficiently this way you can easily assemble your meals and could have more time in relishing tasty and delicious dishes as well. This can also be used as a commercial food processor because of that power and control.

Several Blades:

Ninja Mega Kitchen System is packed with multiple blades to support multifunctional kitchen tasks. There are separate blades for juicing, making doughs, baking and puree making as well. Besides there is single blade for making personal drinks which prepare single person drinks. Besides, Blades are easy to remove and they are completely perfect for each task.

Multi container:

Ninja Mega kitchen system is equipped with multi containers, one for processing foods and the other is movable that you can take it away with you anywhere.

The 3rd one for making smoothies and juices which can serve the whole family. The fourth one is food processing bowl which can process all of your ingredients just in one go.

One in three Appliance:

Ninja Mega Kitchen System is designed in such a way that it can flexibly meet your needs of juicer, blender and food process at the same time. So, you don’t have to procure three kitchen appliances rather you can use a single kitchen appliance for three purposes.


Ninja Mega kitchen system is equipped with making doughs for your recipes, making purees for your meals and slicing, cutting, chopping foods for you so that you can prepare meals quickly. On top of that you can turn the ice into snow flakes and frozen foods into smoothies as well.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Features:

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Features
Infographic: Ninja Mega Kitchen System Features


The Ninja Mega kitchen system is flexible in the execution of multiple tasks other than making smoothies. The food processor which is combined into the Mega Kitchen System can chop, grind, mince and process meat.

The list of multifunctional tasks of Mega Kitchen System is given below:


The vessel is of 72oz with sharp blades can make perfect and tasty smoothies by assembling vegetables and soft fruits. Although it is totally equipped with making smoothies but still, they are some foods that can’t be processed smoothly by Ninja Mega Kitchen System for instance, broccoli, carrots and Mago. It will not be able to grind seeds or fruits with the skin. You must remove the skin and seeds before placing it into the Ninja Mega kitchen system. Thesingle blade which serves only one person can make tangy juicing and smoothies too.


Ninja Mega Kitchen System can only make whole juice but can’t make pure kind of juice, as it does not have any such perfect attachments for juicing.

Frozen items or Desserts:

The big vessel and the single-cup can process food and turn them into snow or ice cubes. On the other hand, you can make ice cubes or process frozen foods on daily basis, because it might create scratches into the vessel and it will stop working. Besides, Food processors can make fine food desserts and drinks.

Puree making:

For making puree you must add a bit of liquid to process items for making smooth puree, if you don’t the Ninja Mega Kitchen System will not work. The small container can make a puree but not a perfect one. On the other hand, the single-serving container and mini vessel can make a smooth and perfect puree.

Soup or Hot Ingredients:

Ninja Mega Kitchen System can not process hot foods or you can not make hot soups. None of the kitchen gadget is equipped to deal with hot ingredients because it might give cracks to the walls of the container and the appliance will be unusable.

Chopping or slicing:

Ninja Mega Kitchen System is the finest appliance for chopping and slicing vegetables. It can slice vegetables conveniently for salads, dips, and coleslaw recipes. The food processor can easily slice cabbage, onion and much more items. In addition, the chopping blades can also grind cheese and make bread crumbs instantly.

Nut Milk:

Ninja Mega Kitchen System can process nuts and make nut milk but not of higher quality rather a lower quality nut milk can be generated as it can’t crush or process the seeds.

Dough Making:

The food processor bowl can make any kind of batter or dough just in 30 seconds. Though it can make doughs easily you need to remove the cover to add extra ingredients into the pitcher.

Grinding and grating:

The food processor and single-serving cup can grind soft items such as oats and herbs. However, it can’t grind-heavy items such s coffee beans and so on.


Ninja Mega Kitchen System is quite easy to operate. It consists of 6 buttons including 3 levels of speed controls, pulse power and lastly single-serving mode.

Ease of using and Cleaning:

The blades are removable and you should grip them carefully. Besides, you must cut and slice the fruits and vegetables before making purees or smoothies. The large blades take a lot of space in the pitchers so, it’s hard to assemble the ingredients into the vessels.


You can take off all the lids, blades and wash each unit separately with water. Moreover, a brush can be used to clean the blades as well. The single-serve and mini bowl are also quite easy to clean and wash in the dishwasher.

Pros and Cons:

Ninja Mega Kitchen System is a multipurpose appliance for your kitchen counter so let us have a look at the pros and cons of the product:

Final Verdict:

is versatile and super functional is the finest pick for your kitchen if you can’t afford three appliances at the same time. Ninja Mega Kitchen System is huge system and not easy to handle and assemble. Butstill, it can make smoothies, chop items and can make puree.

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is 3 in one system that can’t be found in other kitchen appliances. The 1500-watt machine is capable of cutting and meeting your needs of meals swiftly and effortlessly. Now you must be familiar with all the precious reviews of masses regarding Ninja Mega kitchen system and you can easily handle it with care and flexibility.

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