Tips to Maintain Your Food Processors and Blenders 2022

These scientific miracles have made our life easier and smooth. These are used for blending, mincing, slicing, chopping, kneading the flour, mixing, making the juices, dough, sauces and pastes. Now you cannot imagine your kitchen life without these appliances. Everyone is busy and has stuck in so many works.

These are the essential part of the kitchen. They have made us addicted to their use. So no one is having plenty of time to cut with knives and crush with hands. So you have to rely on these miracles of science technology. These appliances help you in making of a variety of good and tasty recipes. When you put the investment on these appliances then you need to take utmost care to keep these products tip-top for all time use.

Tips to maintain your food processor and blender

There are few tips that can help you to maintain your food processor and blender to extend their life so that they can work smoothly and efficiently. These appliances demand more care and cleaning remain with you for a lifetime.

Small Pieces of Food

To save and extend the life of the motor, you need to add the fruits, vegetables, and herbs in small pieces and manageable cubes so the motor can manage to blend or mix them well. You can get the smooth mixture and fine liquid to use. It will not burden and affects the motor’s performance.

Quantity of Food/ Ingredients

Don’t toss the food in a bowl more than the recommendations according to the products’ manual. The quantity should be according to the space of the bowl and jar. The overfilling will damage the blender and food processor.  Secondly, it will spill out and make rigid stains. Then you will spend more time and energy doing the deep cleaning.

Tips to maintain your food processor and blender

Unplug the Switch after every use

You need to unplug the food processor or blender after use and whenever you need to use then plug the switch into an electric socket. Never let it to remained plugged in all the time. This thing is important for saving from sudden electric shock.

Cleaning after every use

If you do have not sufficient time to do the deep cleaning of the food processor and blender then wipe out with a damp cloth from the exterior of the motor and wash the jar or blades in running tap water. Never get in touch with the sharp blades and don’t put it back with water. There should be no moisture which can lead to making the blades rusty and dull . The water will create rust and makes it dull in working.

Deep cleaning after every week

Deep cleaning of the food processor and blender should be after every week because the leftover shredded pieces of food start to decay and become the cause of bacteria.

All the removable parts should be washed and cleaned with the warm water when you are intended to do the deep cleaning. The deep cleaning should be washing part by part because while using you don’t know where the bacteria is growing. You need to fill the sink with warm water and add few drops of dosh soap. Then soak the parts for 2 to 3 minutes in it. Then with gentle scrubbing, clean the parts.

You should never soak the base water or get in touch with water ever. You should use the damp cloth for wiping out the stains over it. The really wet sponge can also harm the motor.

Don’t Use stiff and hard sponge or scrubber

Always use the soft smooth sponge and dish cloth. You should not scrub with the abrasive foam and stiff brushes to make scratches over the plastic material. The nylon bottle brush or soft toothbrush should be used for cleaning. The toothpicks or cotton swabs can be used for deep cleaning of the spots which are out of reach.

Deep cleaning after every week

Use of Dishwasher

The dishwasher should be used according to the material. You should never and ever put the blades and base motor in the dishwasher. It can harm the food processor and blender and they can bend or dull the blades.

Use of baking soda and white vinegar

Baking soda and white vinegar are safe options to use with hot water for deep cleaning. When you are going to clean the blender and food processor,you are supposed to add 4 cups of warm water and 4 cups of white vinegar into the jar. Put the lid tightly and run the machine at slow speed for 20 to 30 seconds. Then rinse it with tap running water thoroughly. It will eradicate the odor. Baking soda can be added in warm water to remove the sticky and rigid stains.

Dry and Clean parts should be assembled

Always reassemble the dry and clean parts of the blender and food processor. You can have a soft dish towel to make them dry after washing and you can put them open to in air to dry. You should be careful about the dryness of all parts because the water drops can leave the spots. For the blade, you should be more careful because they are extremely sharp and can injure your hands. Use a small cloth or soft sponge to clean them.

Dry and Clean parts should be assembled

Keeping them in their boxes

For product maintenance and long life, you should keep the food processor and blender in their boxes. The boxes are designed for the protection and safety of the products. But if they are used frequently then put them on the shelf with the cover to avoid the dust and any damage.

Final Verdict

As these appliances are giving the ease to us then their care is also the important task to do. The product’s manual is also available with the product. You should read the precaution steps from there. If you lost it then you can check from online or you can contact the customer services. Through proper care and deep washing ,you can save your product for long run.

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