Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet

Bullet blenders have become one of the most popular kitchenette products. Lately, the production units have been making these blenders sharp and fast. Homeland Housewares is also one of the renowned manufacturers of bullet blending machines. This enterprise offers top-grade bullets that you might have heard.

Magic bullet and Nutribullet are the famous bullet blenders. Both are worthwhile to use, consisting of additional accessories and kits. You may be finding it hard to choose one bullet blender that serves all blending and mixing purposes.

Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet

Here we will compare the magic bullet and nutribullet based on the features and facts.  Further, in this article, you’ll get to know about the ideal bullet blender. Scroll down for more.

Comparison between Magic bullet vs. Nutribullet

Originally, Magic bullet and Nutribullet came from the same enterprise, i.e., Homeland Housewares. Both of the blending bullets share commons and odds side by side. However, these high-performance blenders are well-built to blend all sorts of ingredients.

Are you hunting for the ever-new blender bullet?

Are you stuck between the Magic and nutribullet blenders? We are here to help you with it. We provide you with a comprehensive comparison of these blending bullets. Keep reading to explore more facts and features. Spare a minute to view the details next.

Similarities between Magic bullet vs. Nutribullet

  1. Built-in material
  2. Shape
  3. Warranty

Let’s elaborate more with detail, facts, and figure.

1. Built-in material

Whether it’s a nutribullet or a magic bullet, both blenders are made up of high-impact plastic material. The plastic is free from bisphenol A and toxic phthalates, also known as BPA material. Moreover, the cups, power base, and lids are durable and stout. Hence, the built-in material of the magic bullet and nutribullet is non-toxic and enduring in nature.

2. Shape

Both bullet blenders share many similarities as far as design and shape go. Nutribullet and magic bullets have bullet-shaped structures. Moreover, the operating action is also alike as they use cyclonic streams to blend the ingredients. Both are portable and easy to handle. Some variants of Magic and nutribullet operate with fine cord others are wireless.

3. Warranty

The blending nutribullet comes with a one-year warranty. Moreover, the accessories, i.e., blades, seals, and rubbers, are enduring and durable. Similarly, the Magic bullet also offers one-year working longevity. Nonetheless, a nutribullet blender is unlikely to rust or break easily, thus echoing that of the magic bullet blender. Both bullet blenders are available with a 30-day money-back.

Differences Between Magic bullet vs. Nutribullet

 1. Blending efficiency

About the most efficient blending bullet, the nutribullet is the powerful bullet. On that account, it is used for making smoothies and for puree and blends the hard nuts, beans, and ice. On the other side, the magic bullet blender is specific for shakes, cocktails, and mochas. Thus, the nutribullet is more effective in performance than the magic blender.

2. Cost

The magic bullet is budget friendly as it comes at a very affordable price. Meanwhile, the nutribullet is a bit pricey. In addition, the price of an 11-piece magic blender is approximately $39.99. Contrary to the former blender, the nutribullet costs 57.87 USD. Consequently, the magic bullet blender dominates over the nutribullet ones due to the flexible pricing value.

3. Weight

The average weight of a nutribullet is about 4 pounds, including the blender base. On the other hand, a magic bullet is easy to handle as it weighs just 2.3 pounds. Nutribullet is way heavier to carry than the other blender out of the two blenders. Here nutribullet is the winner in terms of high weight. However, the preferable one is a magic bullet.

4. Motor power

motor power is one of the most significant differences distinguishing Magic and nutribullet side by side. The nutribullet operates with a motor power of approximately 600 plus watts. Whereas the magic blender has a lower motor power than the former blender.

It is because, within a magic bullet, the optimum working of the motor is over 250 watts. Now, the nutribullet is the winning blending machine.

5. Gyral blades

The nutribullet operates upon two blades that are relatively sharp and fast. This blending bullet works as an extractor from blending coffee beans to seeds. However, the magic bullet works with a single blade optimal for mixing the ingredients wholly by the cross-built edges.

As a result, the nutribullet is preferred to choose as it integrates better than the opposite bullet.

Magic bullet & Nutribullet-which one is better?

The same question might be on your mind. Please don’t panic, and we have an explanation for your ease. Magic bullet and nutribullet are well-known for their working and A1 quality.

Yet it seems a bit of a hassle to choose one bullet blender that is well-functioning and fast, but we can assist you in that.  In this article, you’ll find which bullet blender is better to choose. The comparison table will highlight the significant differences between the Magic and nutribullet blenders.

Have a look at the below-mentioned chart.

Comparison Chart

  Magic bullet Nutribullet
Cup Size(s) 12-18 ounces 32 ounces
Accessories §  Mug

§  Lip rings

§  lids and a recipe manual                                                 Cross blade


§  cups, to-go

§  Lid, lip ring with

§  handle


Speed 20,000 rpm 21,500 rpm
Cord length 2.3 feet 2.6 feet
Noise rate 91-93 decibel 98-100 decibel
Varieties Magic mini bullet Nutri pro
Average height 26.2cm 36 cm
Number of jars 1 2
Additional blades 4 6
Operating mode Automated Single touch button
Color Silver, black, or gray Silver, black, or gray

Viewing the chart components will find the bullet blender feature-rich and unique. Furthermore, the final blending product won’t be the same. This comparison table will surely yield if you’re going to pick one of them.

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Summing up the whole discussion, bullet blenders tend to be small and fast and possess all the characteristics of bullets. Whether it’s a Magic bullet or nutribullet, both cover all the edges of a top-pitched blender. However, these bullet blenders are somehow different from each other yet analogous.

From accessories bullet weight to durability, both share some variations. The subject is to spotlight these bullet blenders’ peculiar features and characteristics. However, it is conducive when you’re picking one of them to redress your daily shake or cocktail intake. Check the compression and select the bullet blender that works for you.

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