Magic Bullet vs Nutri Ninja

Bullet blenders opened a new era in household cooking and nourishment. Home and Household goods sparked off the trend in the early 2000s with the Magic Bullet, which made its way into households thanks to the wonders of television commercials.

Families got into admiration and more pleasure with the convenience of being capable of making blended baby food easily and quickly with these incredibly simple gadgets. People that were in a hurry or were more health-conscious also appreciated being able to make a decent morning shake or drink in seconds and then be on their way.

Magic Bullet vs Nutri Ninja

When the Nutri Ninja appeared on the market, things in the world of household blenders ended up taking a step ahead in the right direction. So, if you ever have to choose between Magic Bullet and Nutri Ninja, which one will claim victory?

In this article, we are providing a brief overview of both appliances.

Magic Bullet vs Nutri Ninja

Nutri Ninja


Nutri Ninja Reviews



  • Powerful motor
  • Blade system with a new twist
  • Containers of exceptional quality
  • Great for high-intensity pulsating
  • Easy cleaning in dishwashing machine
  • Leak-proof
  • Processes are noisier
  • It is heavier
  • Pricey

Blenders from the Ninja Company have attracted a considerable amount of attention nowadays. As seen by the Nutri Ninja, this fame is a must-have. This model improves on a great bullet blending machine. Its 900-watt motor demonstrates this fact. This engine is nearly twice as efficient as most compact blenders in terms of performance.

This model’s propellers can slice through frozen vegetables and fruits due to its output power. The Nutri Ninja, when it concerns blades, has a unique appearance. It’s organized into four blades that make a butterfly layout. This lets it effectively shatter the contents without leaving any remains around. Furthermore, the blade orientation creates a space inside this machine. As a result, without any need for compacting, this blending machine can bring items towards its blades.

The Nutri Ninja is also a fantastic buy. You have the basic blender as well as two durable mixing jugs for a relatively low price. When the appropriate cover is attached, these BPA-free containers could also be used as traveling portable cups. These cups can hold 18 oz. and 24 oz. of liquids, each. As a result, you will still be capable of making a blend that is large enough to meet your cravings.

Magic bullet


Magic bullet Reviews



  • Ideal for everyday smoothies.
  • Excellent blending and pureeing
  • Perfect for processing and dry meals.
  • Incredibly sharp blades
  • Lowest priced on the market
  • The motor is less efficient
  • Containers of poor grade
  • Only takes 18 ounces
  • Less long-lasting

The Magic Bullet initially gained attention as a result of its “as shown on Television” commercials. However, this device has been more than simply a marketing trick. This blending machine is a star competitor in its category. To begin with, its compact size makes it simple to arrange on your countertop. Considering its relatively small size, it is efficient in combining smoothies as well as other things.

The Magic Bullet frequently uses its 250-watt motor to execute this. This motor, in consequence, powers the unit’s distinctive crossing blade arrangement. These items, when blended, may turn a lot of fruits and vegetables into liquid in a couple of moments. Even meats, cheeses, and nuts are not really a challenge for this blender.

The Magic Bullet is also renowned for its comfort to its customers. It comes with three different blending containers and can also be used as portable containers. All of these containers are sturdy, and one seems to have a handle for transportation. The cup’s cover technique is also exclusive to this company. As a result, they can preserve nutrients and moisture while minimizing spillage.


Powerful Motor

  • A 250-watt motor is being used in the Magic Bullet machines. This may seem tiny at first, but this blending machine takes full use of all action. Most things do not even demand much additional power to integrate.
  • With a 900 watt motor at its heart, the Nutri Ninja delivers more than enough power. That’s almost the same as a full-size food processor. So, if you can do it in a regular blender, there’s a strong probability that you really can do it with the Nutri Ninja.

Tuning Speeds and Parameters                    

  • Easily place the jar into the platform and exert pressure to maintain the Magic Bullet. This powers the motor, which attaches to the blades and enables smoother integration. Other than that, there seem to be no controls on these devices, and the level of pressure being applied influences all speeds.
  • The Nutri Ninja functions on a force monitoring system that operates similarly to a pulse action. To look at it another way, once the jar is in the platform, stress can be positioned at the top of the container to pulsate the propellers. The blades will rotate consistently if you continue this force. Regardless of the lack of user adjustment, these frequencies are reasonably consistent.

The Amount of Noise

  • The Magic Bullet is relatively calm for something like a blender of its size. Its churning movement is responsible for the majority of the extra noise. As a consequence, regardless of what contents are added into its jar, you can assume this device makes only minimal noise.
  • Because it features dull blades, the Nutri Ninja makes more noise. This forces the materials to force up against the jar, generating increased sound. This extends to the sound emitted by the 900-watt motor in this appliance, which is loud.

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The Bottom Line

Both the Magic Bullet and the Ninja Nutri are great blenders. You should make your purchase based on your budget and requirements. The Magic Bullet is designed for people who prefer a lot more options. Nuts and grains can be processed in these blenders, and fruits and vegetables can be blended in them nicely. They’re also very affordable.

Meanwhile, the Nutri Ninja will attract you if you are a skilled practitioner. The pulse triggering of this model seems to be quite responsive. This enables you to have a precise smoothness blending with minimum effort. With this whole data in hand, you can choose the appropriate blending machine for your preferences.


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