How to Clean Your Vitamix Container, Blades & Other Attachments

Vitamix is considered the best food processor which provides you with the services of chopping, making smoothies, blending the hardest ingredients, and helping you to make tasty quick recipes. It is the best choice of professional chefs.

Most commonly it is found in restaurants to make mouthwatering delicious meals and yummy vegetable smoothies and soups as well. It has made our lives easier and changed positively. It is the best and incredible invention with advanced techniques. It is well known for its powerful machinery and versatility.

It can help you to make yourself a pro chef inside you. You can amaze your guests by serving them the delicious mint margarita with the help of your Vitamix. Your presentation can add more taste like a pro. You can update your menu with seasons with your Vitamix. It is a dependable appliance in the kitchen that can help you to transform solid food into a liquid for the patients. You can make a fabulous pizza with your powerful Vitamix.

It can help you in grinding the wheat, making the dough and sauces, and chopping the vegetables with its powerful blades. It is recognized for its high performance and the most reliable product in the kitchen. It is available in different sizes of containers according to your need. It is more durable, versatile, and wastes less material.

When your amazing Vitamix giving you incredible services then the cleaning of Vitamix is also an essential part of our duty. Although, it’s an expensive product your utmost care and cleaning can take it in long run with you more than your investment. It can prolong the life of your Vitamix.

How to Clean Your Vitamix?

First, you need to consult the product’s owner manual. It gives the details of the material. You can also find the cleaning instruction in the product’s manual. If you lost your owner’s manual then you can find it online easily.

Some Vitamix products have cleaning settings in them. You need to clean your Vitamix after every use. Rinse it properly with warm water. The experts ask to avoid the hot water, it can damage the product’s material. The deep cleaning of your Vitamix should be after a week or a month or as needed.

The remaining leftover fruits, vegetables, and minerals make the coated film over the blades and container. For deep cleaning, you need white vinegar, dish soap, dishwasher, bottle brush, or soft small toothbrush and dish towel or nylon cloth. The fabric of the cloth should be very soft to avoid permanent scratches over the material. Don’t use abrasive scrubbers over the delicate designs of the product. These all things are easily available in your pantry.

How to Clean your Vitamix Container?

Wash your Vitamix container after every use. You are supposed to fill the warm water to half full. Then add few drops of dish soap into the container. Then you have to fix the lid to its locked position and run it at full speed for 30 seconds. But if your Vitamix has the cleaning setting then you have no stand around the product to observe it. It will stop after completing its cleaning process. Then rinse it with warm water thoroughly. You should use a nylon bottle.

How to clean your Vitamix container

For the lid, blade base, tamper, and container cleaning, the dishwasher is a safe option to adopt. You can use the top rack of the dishwasher for these components. You have to add warm water and dish soap and soak this equipment for 2 to 3 minutes. Then clean it with a toothbrush or bottle brush to scrub. Then rinse it properly with warm running tap water. You should dry them with a soft dishcloth or towel to avoid water spots over the material. Or you can put the container upside down in the air to dry.

If you found the rigid stains of leftover food over the container then you can add the half-full warm water and pour one cup white vinegar. Then you have to set the lid with the lid plug to its locked position. If there is not cleaning setting in the product then you should run it at high speed for 30 seconds.

Use the soft scrubber to remove the stains. Don’t use the stiff and abrasive sponge to scrub for stains. The stuck particles of food in the container can cause the bacteria because they start to decay in the container. It also becomes the cause of the odor as well. So to keep your product in a hygienic state you must be conscious about the deep cleaning of your Vitamix.

For the deep cleaning, you can fill the sink with cool water and vinegar in the same quantity and soak the container and lid for three to four hours. Then rinse it thoroughly with tap water. And put them in upside down over the clean dry surface, or you can damp it with a clean cloth.

How to clean your Vitamix blades?

How to clean your Vitamix blades

While cleaning your Vitamix, you should be very careful in cleaning the blades. They are extremely sharp and can hurt your fingers. You should never put the blades in the dishwasher as it will harm them. This process can deform them as well. You cannot soak the blades into the water neither can put them back in wet form. They can lead to rust and this thing can make them dull.

So while treating with the cleaning of blades, use a small toothbrush or non-abrasive sponge to remove the stains and sticky marks. The stiff brush and hard sponge can leave permanent scratches.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should I do the cleaning of my Vitamix?

The cleaning of your Vitamix will show you the wonders and you can take more of your investment. The remaining particles over the component turned your clean and attractive Vitamix cloudy and shabby. When your powerful Vitamix is helping you in all ways in your kitchen then it deserves some love and care as well.

When should I clean my Vitamix?

Cleaning is very much important and compulsory for your Vitamix. So cleaning after every use is required by adding warm water and few drops of dish soap in a blender. And run it from slow to high speed for 30 to 60 seconds. Then rinse it thoroughly. You should do the deep cleaning after a week or a month or when needed. If you will delay or show laziness then the remaining particles may dry and make the harder layer over the material. It will be a sticky mess for you.

How can I maintain my Vitamix for a long time?

As your Vitamix has made you a professional chef and helped you in making tasty recipes, so you must be aware of its maintenance as well.

  • Must be familiar with the functions of the Vitamix.
  • Don’t toss an extra quantity of food into the container.
  • Keep the speed of Vitamix under your supervision.
  • Keep out of the reach of the children.
  • As it is an expensive product, so cleaning is very important after every use, it will prolong its life.
  • Always consult the owner’s product because it contains the detailed instruction about the Vitamix.
  • Keep your Vitamix a safe
  • and dry place

How I can do the deep cleaning of my Vitamix?

Deep cleaning on needed is also important to save you from extra effort and energy. After every use fill the container to warm water and few drops of the creamy, sticky, and thick layer give you a big challenge. So after making such pastes and mixtures, you should use a small brush to clean the areas or you can use a silicone spatula to take out the content.

Then add warm water in the container mixed with dish soap and securely tighten the lid. Run it for 30 seconds and rinse it properly. If you find your Vitamix smell or feel any stingy odor then you should add water with white vinegar and run it through at low speed.

Then wash it with tap water. The base motor and blades should not be washed in the dishwasher. Always use a toothbrush or soft sponge for washing the blades. A damp soft cloth should be used for cleaning the base motor.

Final Verdict

Vitamix has made your lives easier and less time-consuming. You can make delicious food, flavored smoothies, soups, chopping vegetables, and hard nut butter in minutes. It has become an important part of every kitchen nowadays. First, this powerful product was the choice of professional chefs now the people love to keep it in the main appliance of the kitchen.

It is a durable, powerful, and versatile product. It is quite an expensive product but you won’t repent upon your investment. Only taking care and doing the cleaning of the components can give big support in the long run. Vitamix is well known for the best quality and good results. So cleaning and care are the only demand for this amazing product.

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