How to Clean a Blender or Food Processor 2022? Complete Guide

If you have invested in buying the best quality food processors or blenders then you want to keep it in your use for a long time. These amazing products have become an essential part of any kitchen since last few decades. Now you cannot imagine your life without the use of these products. They have made our life easier and helped us to save time. These are used almost on daily basis for different particular purposes like chopping, grinding, blending mincing and making juices sauces and pastes etc. But after the use you are left with huge mess as well and we should maintain them by cleaning.

So cleaning the blender or Food Processor is a very important thing to do after use to get wonderful results. It also assures you of the long life of the appliances. The first thing is the hygiene that comes in priority always, no one wants to use the dirty and germs coated products for their juices and chopped vegetables/fruits.

While using the fruits and vegetables the small particles get stuck into the components of the machines. They make the crust over the blender/ food processor. Their cleaning is important thoroughly. The cleaning of these products is not always very easy.

There are some certain ways and steps which can be followed to clean your valuable products.Its pretty easy and bit tricky. You can have the tip-top cleaned product within 15 minutes. You should not waste the time bysitting back and enjoying after use because this thing will make the remaining leftover get hard and dry over the blades and in the jar. The blades will be ruined by rust because the remaining liquid and particles start to stale and create the bad odour as well.

Easy Ways to Clean the Food Processor and Blender

The very first thing you can do after the use is to pour the liquid/juice and shift the crushed stuff into a clean pot. Sometimes the remaining pulp can be saved for later use. But if you are going to throw that pulp then use a plastic bag for this purpose to make it easy to collect and clean.

Then add the hot water half or full into the jar or put the lid. You can squeeze the 2 3 drops of dishwasher liquid in it and run the blender/food processor at medium speed for 15 to 30seconds. Then stop it and rinse it thoroughly in running water to remove the remaining particles. This thing is very important to do to eradicate the odor which is produced by the tiny particles of the herbs or spices. Otherwise, it will affect your taste.

Don’t let the leftover of fruits and vegetables to dry and make a crust over the blades and in the jar. This thing will give you a tough time removing them. Secondly, the remaining particles start to decay and to become the cause of bacteria. So cleaning and care of health should be your first priority.

Easy ways to clean the food processor and blender

Unplug the power switch

After this, you should be assured that the power plug is switched off if it is connected to electricity.

Components should be taken apart

Disassemble the parts of the blender or food processor to get access to wash them. Here you have to remove the blade very carefully. You have to clean it with running water. As the blades are too sharp and can injure your hand or fingers. So the care and cleaning is very much important. You can use a smooth sponge to clean it or any toothbrush to remove the leftover of the food particles of liquid stains. You cannot leave it to dry with water because the water can make the blades rusty and dull. You are supposed to clean it with towel with utmost care.

Soaking into the sink or use Dishwasher

Now you need to fill the sink with hot water. Then add a few drops of the dishwasher to make the water soapy and foamy. Now you have to put all the components of the blender or food processor into the water except the base motor. Then soak these parts into the water for 2 to 3 minutes. You can use the bottle brush or clean toothbrush to remove the stains. The brush is basically used to reach the hard-to-reach spots. For the plastic jar you can use  smooth non-abrasive sponge to clean the jar. Try to scrub gently to avoid scratches over the plastic. Then rinse all components with running tap water and put them over the towel to get dry in the air. You can use a soft piece of cloth/microfiber cloth to make them dry to avoid them from the water spots.

Dishwasher is also a save option wash the parts of the blender or food processor. For that purpose, you have to read the leaflet that comes with the product. If you lost that then you can find it easily online. Don’t put the blades into the dishwasher.

For dishwasher, you have to follow the same way

Put the components of the blender/ food processor in uper section. If you found the deep stains then you can soak them for more time

 The cleaning of Blender and Food processor base motor:

For the cleaning of the base motor, you have to add half water and half vinegar/baking soda and dip the cloth in it. With gentle hand, you can clean the motor.

Dry the parts in open-air or with a towel

When you see all the parts are clean and dry then you can assemble them again. For some blenders or food processors, you need to use the screwdriver to get apart from the components, but this thing demands more care and attention because you have to reassemble them incorrect place.

Generally,you should clean the blender or food processor after every use but if you are in hurry and have a short time then you can rinse with the flowing tap water and wipe out with the damp cloth. You can use the small soft sponge on the exterior of the food processor.But the deep cleaning is very important after every week.

The cleaning of Blender and Food processor base motor

Sometimes there are rough and rigid stains over the food processor. Baking soda is also considered the best remedy for removing stains.

While soaking the parts of the blender/food processor into the hot water in the sink or dishwasher, you can add baking soda to the water.

Baking soda and white vinegar are also part of the cleaning of high-performance blenders and food processors. It is odorless and available in powder form. Baking soda is known to dissolve the substance in water. So for the rigid and rough stains, it is considered a good ingredient to use. It gives the best results when it works with hot water.

Vinegar is also a daily use ingredient in the kitchen. It is recognized for its odor and is easily available in all grocery shops. So if you start smelling from your blender or food processor then there is a need for cleaning. Pour hot water and vinegar into the jar and run the blender at your set speed for 10 to 15 seconds. Then rinse it thoroughly. It will help you to remove the smell and stains from the plastic material.

Final Verdict

Food processors and blenders have made our lives easier and helped in saving time. So their cleaning and care are also very important to stay with us for a long time.

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