Cabbage Soup Diet Review: Experts Advice it really works for weight loss

The cabbage soup diet has been regarded as a calorie-free food and its fame among the masses since 1980. It can be made by combining several fruits and vegetables. This specific diet can be stored for up to 6 days so that you can easily consume a low-fat diet. The soup contains cabbage, but you can also add meat and other veggies into the soup for flavor and additional gains. 

This soup is said to be a fast diet plan that actually works for weight loss. For instance, if you consume cabbage soup for a week, you will eventually lose approximately ten pounds. Additionally, it averts your cravings for snacks and helps you to lose weight quickly. However, you should not stick to this diet for more than a week because you can lack nutrients and vitamins vital for your body to function correctly and prevent diseases.

Positive and Negative Points of Cabbage Soup Diet:

  • Cabbage soup diet can be beneficial to our body, as it is a fat-free diet.
  • This is rich in fiber and which is vital for our eubacteria.
  • The incredible benefit of this diet is that you can speedily lose weight
  • Cabbage soup diet can lead to a deficiency of vitamins and minerals if consumed more than a week.
  • It’s a limited and restraining diet strategy that might affect you in the long run.
  • You might lose all the energy to carry on your routine tasks as well by lessen your sugar levels.

According to surveys and studies, the Cabbage Soup diet has its pros and cons as well. A few have been given below:

Cabbage Soup Diet Scheme:

The cabbage soup diet is more than magic for losing weight, whose plan is given below:

1st Day: Consume cabbage soup, and You can have any fruit other than bananas.

2nd Day: Take cabbage soup, and You can consume any leafy greens.

3rd Day: Soup alongside the combination of fruits and Veggies.

4th Day: Cabbage soup and Bananas will go with fat-free milk.

5th Day: With soup, you can also have Beef or chicken along with tomatoes.

6th Day: Veggies and Beef can be combined with soup.

7th Day: Consume soup, and you can have brown rice sugar-free juice.

The above diet plan is not made following a logic; rather, for the first three days, you will have a low-fat diet combined with carbohydrates. Fat-free milk boosts up your protein a bit on the 4th Day, and the following two days, you are having a large quantity of protein and then again consuming carbohydrates.

How to accomplish Cabbage Soup Diet Scheme?

  • Consume a large quantity of water for hydration while following the cabbage soup diet.
  • Stick to the above diet plan.
  • You can add spices for flavor and taste.
  • You must intake a multivitamin for your physical health.
  • Don’t miss the cabbage soup diet, as you know well, it’s just for a week.

 Traditional Recipe for Cabbage Soup:

Cabbage soup can be made by adding up different vegetables and meat as well.

Traditional Recipe for Cabbage Soup


  • Onions (2)
  • Tomatoes (2 cans sliced)
  • Carrots (2)
  • Celery (1 bunch)
  • Cabbage (1 whole)
  • Mushrooms (1 package)
  • Water (6 to 8 cups)
  • Boiled chicken (optional)
  • Black pepper and salt
  • Another seasoning (for taste)
  • Mixed herbs 

Method to follow:

  • Cut all the vegetables and wash them properly.
  • Oil the saucepan and fry onions.
  • Add all the vegetables into the pan along the water and other seasonings as well.
  • Let the water boil, turn the flame low, and let the soup be ready, and the vegetables get soft and smooth.
  • It might take 20 to 25 minutes, then you can sprinkle salt and pepper also.

Does Cabbage Soup Really Work for weight loss?

The cabbage soup diet functions surprisingly once it is followed strictly. During this diet week plan, you will consume 1200 or 1000calories per Day; instead of a regular routine, you should drink at least 200 calories.

By consuming this effective diet, you will drink more fiber and less water, and, magically, you will lose extra fat in this way, but you can also gain this fat after a few days of leaving this diet.

This works to run out of energy and gain the power you will consume proper diet, and then again, you will gain fat.

According to studies, the cabbage soup diet will imbalance your metabolism as there will be a considerable reduction in lean body tissue, which regulates your metabolic function.

Is Cabbage Soup Essential to regulation and satiation?

Cabbage soup diet, as it has been said, is high in fiber; that fiber helps maintain regularity in Stoll passing as this fiber is indigestible.

The soup consists of two kinds of fiber: soluble fiber and the other is insoluble fiber. The former maintains a supply of water into bowls and makes the movement easy, and the latter helps in addition to protuberance and averts constipation.

According to a survey, males and females must consume 20 to 30 gm’s of fiber daily, depending on their age requirements.

Satiation, the condition of not being hungry or feeling like to eat, is also caused by the extra amount of dietic grain—some of the fiber such as pectin. Sugar gum regulates satiation in the body. Therefore, the cabbage soup diet can burn extra fat with no trouble.

Does Cabbage Soup Really Work for weight loss

Is it useful in the prevention of diseases?

  • Cabbage soup helps to fight diseases, and prevention of conditions would be a vague phrase. Many studies have been performed to analyze each and every ingredient of the cabbage soup diet; it has been found that it might avert cancer risk.
  • This diet is regarded as one of the best veggies soup in the world.
  • Although this soup contains a lot of fiber, its consumption lasts just for a week, and in that short period, nothing can be presumed.
  • Therefore, the cabbage soup diet might be healthy if you consume it daily with your regular meals, but it cannot have substantial benefits in just one week.

Does Cabbage soup sponsor Purification?

According to reviews, Cabbage and broccoli are two veggies that help in approving detoxification. 

  • Cabbage soup aids in removing toxins from our body; it makes our liver and kidneys healthy as well. 
  • It regulates the smooth working of our body and fights off chronic disease as well.

Is Cabbage Soup Diet Inoffensive?

Yes, the cabbage soup diet is absolutely safe if its intake is less in your diet. On the other hand, if you plan to continue this diet daily, you should consume a small quantity of it.

  • Since the soup is low in fat, it does not retain an adequate amount of nutrients, vitamins, and protein; this could be harmful if you consume it daily and might leave you weak and tired.
  • Daily consumption of soup might create disturbance in your digestive and intestine systems.
  • This soup is rich in sodium; for high blood pressure patients, it is not recommended, and for diabetes, patients might also suffer from an imbalance of vital sugar levels.
  • The cabbage soup diet is packed with vitamin k, which can make your blood thin.
  • As cabbage soup leads to the burning of extra fat quickly, such quickness might lead to obstruction of gallstone and gallbladder; not much digestive liquid will release and make it sludge.
  • Consequently, this soup diet is harmless if taken for a week, but its intake of more than a week might cause havoc in your body; you might experience diseases of blood pressure, diabetes, and so on.

Final Verdict:

Primarily the Cabbage Soup diet is reliable and secure for our body for a short period. This diet predefines your daily eating routine along with the intake of fat and protein also. Though it is easy to prepare and cheap, you might get tired with the same diet eating every single day. It quickly burns your fat, but you will most likely gain it after restarting your regular diet. If you lose weight for a short period, then it is the perfect choice for you, but it will not work in the long run. Moreover, cabbage soup also contains some healthy ingredients; you can take them but don’t depend on them.

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