Does Blending Destroy Nutrients and Fiber and Increase Fruits Glycemic Index?

Blending the fruits, vegetables, and herbs does not destroy the nutrients and fibers in fact they are rich in taste and flavor. Blending or making smoothies have taken a special place in our diet plan for the last few decades. They play an integral part to help us out to get nutrients by following the diet plan.

Blending is just the process to cut the food into pieces and change the texture. It transforms the fruits and vegetables from harder form to smooth liquid form. It is highly delicious and easy to digest as well. It has become an essential part of our daily lifestyle. It is quite similar to chewing the food.

Like we crush the food into small pieces with our teeth and blender does the same with its sharp blades. The more we chew the food the more we get the nutrients. There is very little chance to lose the nutrients in the food. Only there is one factor that can bother somehow the heat that produces when the blender blades start to cut the pieces.

It can destroy the less amount of nutrients, but if you add ice before blending it can save your smoothie. Secondly, you should not leave the smoothie in the open air for more time. You should drink it fresh and quickly as it gets ready. So drink your fresh smoothie within 20 minutes.

In the current era, everyone has become conscious of fitness and smartness. The people want to stay fit and smart by maintaining their health as well. They want to get fresh and to keep their body energetic. They want to participate in all activities with passion and energetically. At the same time, they want to stay healthy and keep their body ready to fight against diseases. They have added the fruits and vegetables in their food in large quantities. Vegetable smoothies are the best shape to get all the nutrients and fibers.

Importance of Nutrients and Fibers in Food

Importance of Nutrients and Fibers in Food

Nutrients and fibers are the important things that our body needs to grow, reproduce and develop. We need these elements to get energy and strength as well. These cannot be produced by the body until or unless we add the specific food in our diet to gain them. Nutrients and fiber are molecules that can be obtained from fruits, vegetables, herbs, and supplements.

Nutrients and fibers provide Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Fats, Minerals, Proteins, and Water for the survival of our life. Food rich in nutrients and fibers helps our body to fight against diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and cancer. Nutrients and fibers help to dissolve fats and activates the circulatory system. They help to increase immunity, stop bloating, and helps to resolve stomach issues.

Fruits and vegetables are great sources of getting these nutrients and fiber. To get the full benefits from the fruits and vegetables, blending is the best option. It just cuts and shreds the fruits and veggies and does not break the molecular bond which is the source of getting nutrients and fibers. While juicing the fruits and vegetables, you lose nutrients and fiber.

Increase the Glycemic index

The blending of fruits, vegetables, and herbs does not destroy the fibers and nutrients but it increases the glycemic index in food. The glycemic index means how quickly your blood sugar level increases after taking the particular food and spike your insulin level. There are certain fruits that are full of a glycemic index like dates, grapes, pineapple, grapefruits, mangoes, and bananas.

The glycemic level makes you fat. The green leafy vegetable smoothies are also good for health and have less amount of glycemic load. You can add the taste by adding apples or pears in green smoothies. Apples and pears are considered low glycemic. The berry smoothie is also considered a good option to add in a diet plan because it also contains less sugar level.

Increase the Glycemic index

The higher amount of glycemic index in your food is not good for your health. It spikes the sugar level in your blood. Fruits are good to eat because they give you a rich amount of nutrients and fibers which are the need of your body to sustain and survive. It is an authentic discussion that sugar and carbohydrate should be taken in limited amounts. They are not good for health and should be avoided at any cost.

It leads to faster aging. There is a difference of glycemic index between the naturally ripened fruits and vegetables and processed fruits and vegetables.

So fruits and vegetables should an important part of a healthy diet. The green leafy vegetable smoothies maintain the alkaline bloodstream which is the key of good health. They are the real source of getting healthy. For the taste and flavor, you can add apple or pear or berry to it.

The excessive amount of sugar leads to health problems like diabetes or heart diseases. So you need to be conscious about the number of fruits and vegetables. You can make the mixture of vitamins and fats in your food to abstain from high blood sugar and get the nutrients and fibers at the same time.

Blending or smoothies are the best forms of taking fresh fruits and vegetables without destroying the nutrients and fibers but it is the big source of getting a high level of the glycemic index. There is no doubt that blending increases the glycemic level more than eating the fruits whole.

So here you should consult and bother your health care. If you are a diabetes patient then regular fruits smoothie can give you big loss and affect your health. But if you are healthy and active then you cannot deny adding fruits and vegetables in your food. The people who are conscious about their skin.

They love to have fresh smoothies to save their skin from acne. The sugar patients should add the green leafy veggie smoothies and occasionally enjoy the fruits smoothies. Smoothies are a good to treat and awesome in taste for the people who want to stay fit.

FAQs(frequently asked Questions)

Which way is more effective for getting nutrients and fibers, blending of juicing the fruits and vegetables?

Blending is considered the best way to obtain the nutrients and fibers to their fullest. Blending is the process to cut the fruits into tiny pieces and make them smooth fine form. While in juicing, the fruits are separated from their pulp which is full of fiber. So comparatively blending is a good source of getting the nutrients and fibers. The thing is the smoothie should be drink quickly and fresh to get the real benefit.

Why do we need nutrients and fibers?

Nutrients and Fibers are important to add in our food.

  • They help the body with indigestion.
  • They prevent the body from constipation
  • They save the skin from acne.
  • They give protection from the heart diseases
  • They maintain the sugar level in the blood.
  • They sustain the blood pressure.
  • They help to manage the weight.

Fruits and vegetables are full of these elements. Blending or making smoothies sustain the nutrients and fibers in food.

Does blending increase glycemic index?

Yes, the blending increases the glycemic index in the blood because while blending the fruits and vegetables, there is very less chance of losing the nutrients and fibers. It spikes the sugar level in the blood after the meal. No doubt the smoothie gives a delicious taste and fabulous richness of fruits and vegetables but the increasing sugar level is an alarming situation for diabetes patients. So the best way to have the green leafy vegetable smoothie in the diet plan. And for taste add berry, pear or apple. Grapefruits, dates, mangoes, oranges, and pineapples are rich in sugar levels. So you can add them occasionally or make the mixture.

Does the blending destroy the Nutrients and Fibers?

No, blending is the simple process of making the hard form of fruits and vegetables. Its simple like the chewing the food as we do with our teeth. The more smooth and fine form is easy to digest. The smoothie has become a part of our daily life. People love to drink smoothies rather than to eat fruits and vegetable whole.

Is it good to have blended food/smoothies in our daily food?

Smoothies and blended food is the best choice for the diet conscious people to stay fit and healthy. It is like eating the fruits and vegetables whole with full nutrients and fibers. It is easy to digest the liquid form than the hard form. To get the best results, you should drink it within 15 to 20 minutes.

Final Verdict

So finally, it is concluded that blending does not destroy the nutrients and fibers in the food but it increases the glycemic index in food. Eating fruits and vegetables is an unavoidable habit for you. Blending or making smoothie give you the pleasure during following the diet plan. Diabetes patients should be careful while having the smoothie. In juicing the fruits you are at risk of losing the real benefits of vegetables and fruits while in blending you enjoy the taste along with the nutrients and fibers which are very important for the body’s health.

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