7 Best Smoothie Blenders 2022 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

If you are a smoothie lover, you don’t need a powerful blender but an efficient one. You can find plenty of efficient blenders on the market, but some of them are better at making smoothies than others. While looking for the best blender for a smoothie, you should focus on the blender’s ability to form smooth pastes, crush the ice, and cut through the frozen fruits.

Based on customer reviews and our experience, we selected and tested the 7 best blenders for smoothies. This review discussed the pricing, performance, pros, and cons of these products. A buying guide, in the end, discusses all the essential, non-essentials, and important features of smoothie blender you should consider while buying a new product.

7 Best Smoothie Blenders

1. Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender – Top Rated Smoothie Blender


Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen



  • Easy cleanup
  • 72-ounce extra large pitcher
  • Customizable speed
  • Efficient blades
  • Noisy
  • A bulky profile

Ninja BL770 is the best overall choice for the best smoothie blenders. The product combines the best construction and performance and is therefore rated five stars on Amazon. What makes this blender best for smoothies is its powerful 1500 watt motor. This motor delivers exceptional power to the blender to cut through frozen fruits, vegetables, and ice cubes. In addition to that, Ninja BL770 comes with stacked and offset blades.

Unlike a single blade, a stacked system of blades can efficiently crush the smaller particles giving you a silky-smooth consistency in the end. Also, the powerful motor and stacked blade combination make the process faster, giving you maximum yield in no time. Since it is named Mega Kitchen system, it comes with an extra-large 72-ounce pitcher and 36-ounce processing bowl. These figures reveal that blenders can handle large amounts of ingredients.

Therefore it is a great choice for big parties and making smoothies on a commercial scale. Ease-of-use is another feature that made us fans of this product. It comes with an easy-to-pour lid and customizable speed with a clearly labeled control panel. You can customize the blender’s speed for different recipes and retain the maximum nutrients in the drink.

All parts of Ninja BL770 are dishwasher safe, making the messy cleaning process super quick and easy. Also, the blender features a quick assembly-disassembly and includes a cleaning brush to make cleaning simpler for those who don’t own a dishwasher.

Ninja BL770 has plenty of useful accessories like two 6-ounce cups with to-go lids, a cleaning brush, and two dough blades making it a versatile and highly functional product. Plus, its advanced stacked balding system gives the silky smooth consistency and also retains the maximum nutrients.

2. NutriBullet Pro -NB9-1301 High-Speed Blender/Mixer System – Best Mixer For Smoothies


NutriBullet Pro -NB9-1301



  • High-performance extractor blades
  • Powerful motor
  • Effortless cleaning
  • BPA-free plastic parts
  • Budget-friendly
  • Noisy operation
  • No walk away blending

NutriBullet NB9-1301 is an affordable yet highly functional and versatile blender-mixer system. We really like the products’ efficiency and easy-to-use mechanism, and therefore added this to our list of best blenders for smoothies. The product is equipped with a high-strength 900-watt motor, making the blender powerful enough to crush hard ingredients like frozen fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Stainless steel extractor blades further enhance their efficiency. These blades cut through tough ingredients, finely giving a smooth texture to the products. The best thing about these blades is that they produce less heat and retain the maximum amount of nutrients giving you healthy and fresh drinks every time.

Furthermore, it features a straightforward blending mechanism. It comes with two 17 oz cups with to-go lids. All you need to do is mix the ingredients in the cup, fix the lid, and attach them with the NutriBullet. Unfortunately, there are no holes in the lid, and you cannot add ingredients during the operation.

All the cups and accessories are made with BPA-free plastic and are dishwasher safe. The blades disassemble quickly and make the cleaning process super quick and easy. While testing this blender, we also noticed a few downsides. For instance, NutriBullet Pro is a bit noisy and doesn’t support walk-away blending. You cannot run the motor for more than 60 seconds in a go, and also, its lid tends to unscrew during blending.

NutriBullet Pro NB9-1301 is a high-speed mixer/blender that can make smoothies, nut butter, and plenty of other drinks like a pro. It comes with a hard-cover recipe book and two copies with two go lids, making it one of the most versatile blender mixers.

3. Vitamix 750 Smoothie Blender – Premium Choice – Best Smoothie Machine


Vitamix 750 Smoothie



  • Automated blending system
  • Commercial-grade motor
  • 5 pre-programmed settings
  • High-capacity low profile pitcher
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Expensive
  • A bit noisy

Next on our list is Vitamix 750 smoothie blender. It’s a professional-grade smoothie blender that takes pride in its high-performance motor and efficient blading system. Powered with a 2.2-peak horsepower commercial-grade motor, this blender can crush and blend the toughest ingredients like nuts, ice cubes, and frozen fruits. Plus, it features efficient aircraft-grade steel blades.

These blades crush the ingredients without heat production, giving you healthy drinks with high nutritional value. Additionally, this blender comes with five pre-programmed settings giving you walk-away convenience. Choose the best setting program for your favorite recipe and forget. Belder will do the rest of the job itself. Also, we really loved the speed control.

It comes with an impulse speed control feature allowing you to get the consistency and texture of the drinks the way you like. Vitamix 750 ounce smoothie blender comes with a 64 oz low-profile pitcher. This pitcher easily fits under most of the countertops and is large enough to prepare large amounts of drinks and smoothies to entertain a large family meal.

Cleaning is another major concern since sharp blades in the blenders make them difficult to clean. Thankfully, Vitamix 750 features a self-cleaning system. All you need to do is to add 2 to 3 drops of dishwashing soap and warm water. Close the lid perfectly and run the clean settings. The blender will take around 30-60 seconds for the whole cleaning process.

For those who are concerned with performance over budget, Vitamix 750 blender is a great choice. It’s a powerful five-star rated product that can prepare smoothies, hot soups, purees, frozen desserts, and many more.

4. Oster Pro 1200 Blender for Smoothies


Oster Pro 1200



  • Efficient blades
  • Pre-programmed settings
  • Impulse speed control
  • BPA-free plastic construction
  • Includes food processor
  • Small pitcher
  • Difficult to clean

For a smoothie blender, you should always prefer efficiency on power. Therefore Oster Pro 1200 is our next choice for the best smoothie blenders. It is an affordable smoothie blender that is perfect for individual use or small families. The blender comes with a 900-watt motor that is powerful enough to crush the frozen ingredients and ice cubes to a fine consistency.

Plus, stainless steel blades with dual-direction features ensure the silky smooth consistency of the smoothies. What sets this blender apart from its counterparts is its highly functional control panel. Unlike other affordable blenders, it comes with three pre-programmed settings. Therefore beginners can also make perfect smoothies on this blender by choosing their favorite program.

Not only that, you would get full control of the speed with an impulse speed control feature. You can get 7 different speed levels for different recipes and retain the maximum nutrients in the drinks. The blending pitcher measures 48 oz, while the smoothie cup measures 34 oz. Therefore this blender is ideal for a single serving and small families.

Additionally, it comes with a food processor attachment that can puree, chop, crush, grind, slice and blend. The only downside we noticed while using this product is that it is difficult to clean. Blades do not disassemble, and also, the small pitcher is pretty difficult to clean.

Oster Pro 1200 is the most efficient and powerful smoothie blender you can find for under $100. We loved its highly functional control panel and food processor attachment, bringing variety and versatility to your recipes.

5. Jamba Appliances 2.4 hp Blender


Jamba Appliances 2.4



  • 64 oz low profile jug
  • Powerful motor
  • customizable speed
  • Pre-programmed cycles
  • Hard to clean
  • A bit overpriced

Jamba 2.4 hp is a powerful blender that produces high-quality smoothies, hot soups, nut butter, and many other exciting recipes in no time. Powered with a 1000-watt motor, this blender moves the blades at a maximum speed of 2.9 mph. The high-quality stainless steel blades cut easily through frozen ingredients, nuts, and ice cubes, giving silky smooth consistency to the drinks.

Plus, it has an infinite speed dial, allowing you to control the speed of the blender. Also, it comes with 4 pre-programmed cycles and a longer run time for walk-away convenience. Moreover, the automated blending feature makes it the best smoothie blender for beginners.

Also, it comes with low-profile 64 oz jars that fit under all the kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, the blender doesn’t offer ease of cleaning. Its blades do not disassemble, and therefore, it is harder to remove the ingredients that are stuck under the blades.

Jamba 2.4 Hp blender is a powerful and efficient product that offers walk-away convenience with its automated blending and long run time. Additionally, it features a high capacity 64 oz pitcher with a low profile making it perfect for small kitchens and compact countertops.

6. Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender


Hamilton Beach Wave



  • Efficient off-set blades
  • Wave action technology
  • Impressive construction quality
  • Easy self-clean feature
  • Small pitcher
  • Hard to push buttons

Hamilton Beach is a trusted brand and has been producing high-quality and innovative products for many decades. The next product on our list is Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender. The product combines power, efficiency, and impressive construction quality for excellent performance in the long run. The blender is not very powerful but features innovative technology making it highly efficient for crushing the ice cubes and frozen ingredients.

It is powered by 750-watt motors and high-quality stainless steel blades. What makes the blender perfect for smoothies is its Wave action technology. This innovative technology keeps the ingredients close to the blades and ensures no ingredient is left untouched by blades. Plus, it has 14 blending functions allowing you to get the required level of smoothness and consistency.

Hamilton Beach wave blender features a 40 Oz glass pitcher making it perfect for preparing smoothie drinks for 2 to 3 person serving. The glass pitcher can bear extreme temperature changes making it perfect for hot soups and icy drinks. From blades to pitcher, all the parts of the blender are dishwashers safe.

Blades disassemble quickly, giving you a quick and effortless cleaning system. Plus, it comes with an easy-pour spout giving you drip-free servings. Get this product with full confidence since it is backed by the manufacturer’s three-year warranty. It’s a compactly designed product with in-built cord storage, making it perfect for small kitchens and countertops.

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher blender is a simple and efficient smoothie blender for daily households. Its innovative design and wave action technology give the silky smooth consistency, and its slow speed enhances the nutritional value of the icy drinks.

7. Blendtec – Original Designer Series Blender


Blendtec - Original



  • Powerful motor
  • High-quality dull blades
  • Effortless self-cleaning
  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Big and bulky
  • Expensive

Blendtec Designer Series blender is a high-performance blender with innovative design and advanced controls and features. Blendtec blender combines 2.09pak horsepower motor and extra-thick stainless steel forged blades. These features make the blender powerful enough to blend and cut large amounts of frozen and hard nutrients.

Since it’s a professional-grade product, it comes with a 90 oz pitcher. You can prepare large amounts of drinks on the go. Additionally, it comes with 8 variable speed controls and 6 pre-programmed settings. Also, you can try various recipes with a variety of ingredients. Ease-of-use is another impressive feature. It comes with an intuitive touchscreen control panel.

Everything is labeled clearly, and with such an intuitive control panel and pre-programmed cycles, even beginners can make smoothies and other drinks like a pro. Finally, it comes with a self-cleaning feature. All you need to do is to add warm water and dishwasher soap and run the cleaning cycle. Despite the powerful motor and big size, it produces less noise.

Blendtec Designer Series blender is a commercial-grade product that offers ease of use and efficient performance. If you are not on a budget, get this product to make high-quality icy drinks and silky smooth smoothies at home.

Buyer’s Guide

Here is a guide that explains the important features you must consider while buying a new smoothie blender.

Best Smoothie Blenders
Infographic: Best Smoothie Blenders

Conventional Or Premium

Premium blenders are powerful and highly effective products that can handle multiple belding and mixing tasks easily. These products are designed to meet commercial standards and targets. In contrast, conventional blenders are relatively less powerful and less versatile than premium ones. If you are concerned with making smoothies, you can find highly efficient blenders in the conventional class of blenders.

These blenders are highly affordable and are simple to use. However, if you are buying a blender for commercial purposes, you should invest in big premium blenders since they come with powerful motors and futureproof technologies promising reliable performance for the years to come.

Motor Power

The power of the blender determines its ability to crush hard ingredients like ice cubes and frozen ingredients. Also, the smoothness and quality of smoothies largely depend on the motor power. The motor of the smoothie blender should be at least 700 watts. Motors with less than 700 watts of power do not deliver impressive performance.

Keep in mind that the efficiency of the blender does not solely depend on the motor power. A combination of high-quality blades and a good moderately power motor can deliver impressive results.


Quality and design of blades is also a critical factor. Since you are concerned with a silky smooth texture, it is critical to find highly efficient blades. Stacked and offset blades are more efficient than single-blade systems. Also, you should look for dual-direction blades or wave action blades to ensure that all the ingredients get in touch with the blades.

Pitcher Capacity

While choosing a blender, you should consider your family’s needs. If you have a big family or entertain big meals, you should get a pitcher size greater than 70 oz. A 70 oz blender can make 7-9 servings in a go. However, you can find single serving or small blenders at very affordable prices. These blenders are ideal for individual use and or small families.

Speed Settings

While buying a smoothie blender, you should take a keen interest in speed settings or speed control. With variable speed levels, you can get the required consistency and smoothness in your drinks. It is the best idea to get a smoothie blender with impulse control.

Blending at a specific speed with a shorter pause allows you to crush the ingredient with maximum precision and efficiency. The more speed control you get, the more versatility you can bring to your drinks.

Overall Dimensions

Before buying a smoothie blender or any kitchen gadget, you should consider the space available in your kitchen. You should go with a blender that easily fits under your kitchen cabinets. Many brands have introduced their low-profile pitcher or blending cups that fit easily under all kitchen cabinets. Also, if you own a small kitchen, you can find blenders that are compactly designed and offer compact storage as well.

Ease Of Use

Conventional or outdated blender models are difficult to operate and require more effort to prepare different drinks. These blenders required manual input, and there, they are not ideal for beginners. However, you can find many blenders today that come with pre-programmed settings, making them equally useful for beginners and experts. You can make high-quality drinks by choosing a suitable setting program from the control panel.

The run time of the blender is also important. Blender with a runtime of less than two minutes does not offer walk-away convenience. However, new and innovative blender models offer a run time of more than 3 minutes. With pre-programmed settings and longer run time, you can handle multiple kitchen tasks along with blending.


Cleaning and maintenance of blender is a factor about which every user is concerned. Blenders are difficult to clean since they contain sharp blades. Also, food can be stuck inside the blades or at the bottom of jars because of their complex assembly.

You should look for a blender that offers quick disassembly. Their blades disassemble quickly, and you can take off blades easily. Also, if you own a dishwasher, make sure that the jar, blenders, and lid are dishwasher safe. Some blenders also offer a dedicated self-cleaning feature.


1. Can I put frozen fruit in a NutriBullet?

Yes, you can buy frozen fruits and ice cubes in the NutriBullet. NutriBullet blenders are efficient at handling frozen fruits and ice cubes, nuts, and hard ingredients to produce silky smooth smoothies and nuts butter.

2. Which blender is best for crushing ice?

Vitamix 750 smoothie blender is best for ice crushing. With a 2.2 peak horsepower motor and efficient stainless steel blades, this blender can cut and blend hard ingredients like ice cubes, frozen fruits, and nuts with maximum efficiency in no time.

3. Can a 700-watt blender crush ice?

A blender with a 700-watt motor and powerful blades can crush the ice cubes. However, smaller units with weak or single blade mechanisms cannot crush the ice at 700-watt power.

Wrapping Up

A smoothie blender can make delicious icy drinks and smoothies at home with minimum effort. However, if you want impressive consistency and smoothness in your drinks, it is critical to determine the combination of a powerful motor and efficient blades. All products on our list promise reliability and long-term performance; we have shortlisted our three favorites.

Finally, it is recommended to go with products that are easy to clean and maintain. If the product doesn’t disassemble easily and is not dishwasher safe, it becomes messy to clean the sharp blades and remove the stuck food particles in the blades and pitcher.

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