7 Best Food Processors for Hummus 2022 – A Review

Do you need to prepare hummus for a large gathering? Food processors are here to save the day. These highly efficient food processors are integrated with multiple speed settings, sharp blades, powerful motor, large capacity bowls, sealing lid, and rubber-based bottom that are perfect for preparing a variety of dishes including hummus.

Thus, this article offers you the 7 best food processors for hummus based on bowl capacity, blade sharpness, speed settings, sealing lids, and energy efficiency.

7 Best Food Processors for Hummus

1. KitchenAid Food Processor


KitchenAid Food Processor



  • Multipurpose unit
  • Stainless steel design
  • Twist free bowl assembly
  • Leak-resistant
  • Expensive

KitchenAid Food Processor is a highly popular product in the market and never disappoints you in terms of its features. The large capacity offered by the system is one of its most highlighting attributes and allows you to process food for large families. Thereby relieving you from working in batches and offering a perfect alternative to some of the low capacity items available these days.

The effortless maintenance and easy clean-up ensure that you do not have to spend additional time on the tool and help consumers to a great extent. This is attributed to the durable construction of the components which are safe for dishwashing. It is also compact and can be stored in a limited space without any difficulty.

In addition to this, the stainless, S-Shaped blade is sharp enough to slice, chop and grind a variety of vegetables and is ideal for preparing hummus. It only took us a few hours to prepare the dish using the KitchenAid food processor as it reduced the cooking time to half. Similarly, the apparatus is detachable and can be separated when not in use or before a major clean-up.

This allows you to efficiently clean hard-to-reach places and does not leave any spots on the surface. Thus, this item is our ultimate recommendation for those searching for the best food processor for hummus with improved capacity and hassle-free maintenance.

KitchenAid Food Processor is a remarkable object that features LED light for enhanced illumination. Moreover, the powerful motor offers multiple speeds which can be selected depending on the user’s requirements. Last but not least, the wrappable power cord offers storage benefits and does not consume a lot of your counter space.

2. Hamilton Beach Food Processor


Hamilton Beach Food Processor



  • Attachment scrapes
  • Versatile
  • Multiple speed controls
  • Inexpensive
  • Difficult to store

Hamilton Beach Food Processor is a budget-friendly, performance-oriented product that is admired by a wide variety of consumers. The reason for this is its high-quality construction and low price, which makes it affordable for users with diverse financial backgrounds. Despite its low price, the processor never fails to amaze us and is incorporated with a 10-cup large bowl capacity which is more than enough for large families and grinding/chopping a huge amount of food items.

This also makes the equipment a suitable choice for making hummus as it offers wide space for grinding chickpeas into a puree without creating a mess. These attributes coupled with the effortless maintenance allow you to detach components and clean them at your convenience.

The ability to reach the corners ensures a high-quality output and prevents the build-up of food residue in the system. Along with this, the wide opening of the model allows you to process large vegetable and meat pieces without slicing or processing them beforehand. The inclusion of double-sided disc aids in shredding and sliding the food ingredients.

Thereby aiding the sharp blades incorporated in the system for even cutting of food materials. Finally, the bowl scrapers allowed us to mix the food efficiency in the apparatus and improved its performance to a great extent. Hence, it is perfect for daily use and is our top choice for preparing hummus.

Hamilton Beach Food Processor is an outstanding item that is suitable for a wide variety of consumers. Its user-friendly design along with enhanced scrapping abilities enable you to scrape off the unwanted food residue from the apparatus. The components are also safe for dishwashing and do not get damaged easily.

3. Cuisinart Food Processor


Cuisinart Food Processor



  • Multiple blades
  • Detachable disc
  • Time-efficient
  • Well-sealed lid
  • Inflexible slicing blades

Cuisinart Food Processor is also one of the top products included in the list of best food processors for hummus. Featuring an exceptionally large food processing capacity, the unit is superior to the previously mentioned food processors in this regard. It is perfect for large gatherings where you need to prepare a huge amount of food in a limited time and contribute to time efficiency.

Similarly, the stainless steel design of the material ensures its long life and imparts durability to its surface. This prevents the substance from damage upon falling or due to other external factors. We also appreciate the presence of a pulse button in the model which improved its performance for preparing hummus.

Moreover, the stainless steel blade with anti-corrosive properties was sharp enough to grind the vegetables into a puree in a matter of seconds. The powerful motor derives enough electric current to chop and slice the vegetables and offers multiple speed controls. Apart from this, the wide feeding tube is capable of grinding large pieces of meat and other vegetables without any difficulty.

Thereby relieving you from manually slicing the ingredients into smaller pieces for better results. The additional accessories available with the main apparatus including a recipe book, mixing blade, and spatula is our favorite attribute of the model. Therefore, we highly recommend it for large families because of its wide capacity.

Cuisinart Food Processor is available in multiple shades and enables you to choose your favorite color according to your kitchen design. Likewise, the user-friendly design of the processor coupled with the detachable tools allows you to clean it in the minimum time and saves a lot of your time.

4. Breville Food Processor


Breville Food Processor



  • 24 blade settings
  • Momentary pulse button
  • Safety braking system
  • Wide opening
  • Difficult assembly

Breville Food Processor is an exceptional and extraordinary item for daily use. It is comparable to some of the top-notch products available these days and never fails to amaze us. It is ideal for large gatherings and professional use due to its 12 cup large capacity and can process a lot of ingredients at the same time.

This also brings us to the budget-friendly nature of the tool which makes it suitable for consumers with diverse financial backgrounds. The durable stainless construction imparts an additional protective layer around the substance and protects it against unwanted scratches and external damage.

Along with this, the introduction of the highly advanced induction motor technology added five stars to the unit’s performance. This technology is characterized by its ability to start working after the lid and bowl are sealed properly. This prevents the system from leakage and improves its efficiency to a great extent.

Furthermore, the multiple chute/ opening sizes allow you to enter ingredients of diverse sizes into the substance and relieve you from the concern of slicing it beforehand. Hence, you can chop and create a puree of vegetables within seconds and reduce your original cooking time to half. Lastly, the break-free plastic used for manufacturing the bowl is highly popular among consumers due to starch resistant nature.

Breville Food Processor is an incredible model that displays high-quality construction and is embedded with some of the best attributes. Likewise, the presence of the micro-serrated S blade blend ensures the precise and even mixing and chopping of the food ingredients. Thus, it is our utmost recommendation for professional and daily use for the majority of the users.

5. Ninja Professional Food Processor


Ninja Professional Food Processor



  • Dual blades
  • Multi-purpose
  • Sloping surface
  • Remarkable suction cups
  • Narrow feed tube

Ninja Professional Food Processor falls under the category of the most powerful food processor and is integrated with unparalleled attributes. Moreover, the low price of the tool makes it suitable for a diverse range of consumers. Thus, it enjoys high popularity and increased market demand.

Along with this, the sharp blades embedded in the system ensure utmost precision and help in grinding vegetables into a puree. Hence, it is perfect for preparing hummus as the dish requires time management and exceptional grinding abilities. We particularly appreciate the inclusion of an Intelligent pre-set program that offered better control over the operation of the device and enabled us to shred a variety of the ingredients in the minimum possible time.

Just take out the processor and chop vegetables the way you like. The item is specially designed for professional use as it features a 9 cup large storage capacity. This allows you to prepare meals for large families without any inconvenience and contributes greatly to the performance of the object.

Another prominent characteristic of the model is the trouble-free clean-up that allows you to clean the system efficiently without exerting much effort. Use a clean cloth and any cleaning agent to wipe off the stains or unwanted marks from the surface. Likewise, the components are also safe for dishwashing and are not prone to damage.

Ninja Professional Food Processor is second to none in terms of performance and efficiency. The unit displays detachable components that can be separated depending on the requirement and can be effortlessly re-assembled. Similarly, the adjustment of the blade and swap disc cover of the bowl ensures improved accuracy and is admired by the majority of consumers.

6. Black & Decker Food Processor


Black & Decker Food Processor



  • Washable components
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Various control buttons
  • Budget-friendly
  • Low power motor

Black & Decker Food Processor is another cost-efficient processor available at an extremely reasonable price across the market. It is ideal for those that want a unique outlook coupled with a large storage capacity. The substance is specifically designed to fulfill your personal as well as professional needs and is integrated with a 10 cup large capacity.

So, you do not need to worry about working in batches anymore. Just keep adding your ingredients, and we assure you would not be disappointed by the performance and time-efficiency of the device. Similarly, we were surprised to find out the inclusion of 5 different types of blades into the system.

These super sharp blades are capable of grinding, chopping, slicing, and shredding a variety of vegetables. Thus you can efficiently convert the large vegetable and meat slices into a puree while saving your time. Users report exceptional preparation of hummus using the specified item and are highly satisfied with its outstanding abilities.

Besides this, another prominent characteristic of the system is the powerful 500-watt motor which drives enough current to grind and chop food with great precision. The stainless steel exterior of the equipment offers increased durability and protects it against damage from external factors. Likewise, the blades are anti-corrosive in nature and can last for a long time without any replacement.

Black & Decker Food Processor is a highly efficient modern food processing unit that falls under the category of mid-price range substances. Its control panel is embedded with a three-mayor soft button that offers full control over the working of the device and allows you to make required changes without any difficulty. This user-friendliness of the apparatus is its highlighting and best-selling feature. Hence, it is highly recommended for those searching for the best food processor for hummus.

7. NutriChef Food Processor


NutriChef Food Processor



  • Smudge-free exterior
  • Trouble-free maintenance
  • Detachable components
  • Easy storage
  • Durability concerns

NutriChef Food Processor is the last product on the list. However, it does not lag behind its counterparts in any aspect. Embedded with unrivaled attributes, the system ensures enhanced precision, longevity, and high-quality output. This unit is also excellent for large gatherings and professional use due to its 12 cup large capacity.

Just take out your device while preparing a meal for a festival and reduce your cooking time to a great extent. The time efficiency of the equipment is the most highlighting feature and is suitable for multiple users. The reason for this is its improved grinding and shredding abilities that perform the task in seconds without exerting any additional effort.

Likewise, six different blades incorporated in the object are sharp enough to slice meat and vegetable pieces evenly. They also display unparalleled efficiency in kneading dough and do not disappoint you. We also loved the hummus-making capability of the model and were stunned to see the end result.

Apart from this, the powerful motor rotates the blade at multiple speeds which can be adjusted using the speed control settings feature incorporated in the tool. Moreover, the motor is energy-friendly and does not consume a lot of power while working. Another advantage of the specified motor is its noise-free nature which keeps your surroundings quiet and allows you to use the appliance even at nighttime.

NutriChef Food Processor is an inexpensive item that is embedded with some of the top-notch features. The electronic shredder contains an electronic overload protection feature that prevents it from overheating or getting damaged due to excessive load. Furthermore, the rubber-based bottom offers increased grip and prevents the site from falling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to make hummus in a food processor or blender?

Both appliances can be used for the preparation of the hummus as both are capable of grinding the food into a puree, which is the prerequisite for making hummus and other related dishes. Thus, you can use any of these devices depending on your convenience and additional features offered by it.

How long does homemade hummus last?

There is a diverse variety of homemade hummus featuring different vegetables and other substances. Most of these last around 3 to 4 days due to the lack of preservatives. With the inclusion of preservatives the dish can last for up to a week just like store-bought substances. Similarly, it is advised to keep the dish properly refrigerated as negligence in doing so would greatly impact its shelf-life.

Is it worth buying a food processor?

Yes, it is indeed worth it to buy a food processor for your daily activities. The reason for this is the multipurpose nature of the appliance that makes it suitable for a diverse range of tasks including shredding, slicing, chopping, and grinding. Furthermore, the different speed settings along with the powerful blades, energy efficiency, and rubber-based bottom are other significant characteristics of the model.

Wrapping Up

The best food processor for hummus is embedded with a sharp blade, noise-free powerful motor, multiple speed settings, wide feeding mouth, and exceptional grinding abilities. Based on these factors following products are considered best among their counterparts and are highly recommended for personal and professional use.

  • KitchenAid Food Processor due to its stainless steel design, twist-free bowl assembly, leakage resistance. powerful motor, multiple speed controls, and detachable components.
  • Cuisinart Food Processor because of its different super sharp blades, detachable slide disc, well-sealed lid, large capacity, and wide feeding tube.
  • Ninja Professional Food Processor for its intelligent pre-set program, sloping surface, remarkable suction cups, budget-friendliness, and adjustable swap disc cover.

Hence, they are our top recommendation for those looking for performance-oriented yet affordable food processors for hummus.

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